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Archive for November, 2008

To the right, you'll see an in-progress version of the iPhone companion application to our cross-platform desktop application Scorecard. It's a "companion app" because it relies on the desktop app for the actual statistics. The iPhone app will simply let you keep your stats while you're playing golf and will sync them back to the […]

The Electoral Vote

I'm totally making up numbers here, but in the current electoral system 10 million Californians can vote Republican, lose, and get 0 electoral votes, while 500,000 can vote Republican in, say, Rhode Island, win, and get their four electoral votes. We already have precincts or districts set up for the House of Representatives: why don't […]

Pissed at a Pixelpost Plugin

It's not often I misunderstand what software does, but I'm absolutely furious with the "Image Statistics" addon for Pixelpost. At my photoblog, right after the date, you'll find two numbers in parentheses. The first shows the number of visitors to that image today. The second shows the total number. The software resets itself every month, […]

Aperture 3.0 Wishlist

I saw this post at flickr and I've compiled my own wish list, in order of importance, for Aperture 3.0: Non-destructive plugins. Currently I resist using a plugin and creating a 60 MB "second version" of a file just because I want to perform some simple thing Aperture can't do (like #4). Speed improvements, particularly […]