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Archive for November, 2008

Oh how times have changed. My favorite (and only?) birthday party as a child involved having a few friends over to play pin the tail on the donkey (I cried because I didn't win) with four friends (one of whom I was forced to invite). We had cake and I got a few presents. I […]

Selling Prints Online

Duncan's post about his Zenfolio print store experience (or, rather, a customer's experience) led me to consider setting up a little print store of my own. Zenfolio costs about $40/year for what I'd do. Are there any free stores out there that don't suck? I'm trying to avoid coming to the realization in a year […]

Parallels 4

Parallels 4 was released a few days ago, and frankly, every new release makes me regret not choosing VMWare. I haven't even tried VMWare, but the rapid-fire nature of the Parallels releases make me feel as if I'm but a lowly cow being milked by the Parallels farmer. "$39 more, please." To those out there […]

Having learned that the Drobo slows down only when it hits 95% capacity, not 90%, I decided to up the maximum size of my backup drive slightly ((I originally sized it at 1225 GB. 1.33 TB * 1024 GB/TB * 0.95 ~= 1293 - so I settled on 1275 GB to be safe.)). I figured […]

On Monday, the wife, kid, and I went to a restaurant named "Twins" here in Erie. They're well known for their "broasted" chicken and, on Mondays, they had wings for $0.25. While flipping through the menu, I saw something I last had almost a decade ago: a true deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. The menu promised that […]

Update Dec. 24, 2008: I've long since repurposed my Drobo after running into the same problem a commenter below had: the data backs up but doesn't show itself as a backup in Time Machine. There's a work-around, but it isn't a case of "it just works" at all, so you may want to avoid using […]

Time-Warner Goes Down Again

This upgrade process is getting old. It's been going on for quite awhile too. At least it wasn't election day, but it's amazing how many things require use of the Internet. A partial list includes: Can't look up phone numbers easily. iPhones fail (we're getting tired of turning off WiFi so we can use EDGE). […]

If you're a Scorecard customer and you'd like to test the iPhone application we're developing, please leave a comment below. Use at least a valid email address, too, mmmmkay? Note: By "Scorecard customer," I mean you've got a license to Scorecard. The iPhone app will not be a stand-alone application - it pairs with the […]

Reformatted the Drobo

I've reformatted my Drobo, blowing away every Time Machine backup it had. The thing became "read-only" somehow, had trouble unmounting, and in general became a royal PITA. Of 250 GB that needed backed up ((Best I can figure is that the system reinstall really borked things up.)), Time Machine would back up about 1 GB […]

Calibrated Display

I recently purchased a Spyder3 Pro in order to calibrate my two main displays: an aluminum 23" Cinema Display and the 15" LCD on my MacBook Pro. When I launched the installer, I was greeted with a CarbonLib error (in the LaunchCFMApp binary), so to make a long story short, I archived and installed Mac […]

In general, I agree with this statement, offered by a friend I'll keep anonymous: I find it awfully disgusting that liberals are imploring the 46% of us who voted for McCain to 'unite' and 'come together' when it was those very same liberals who, the day GWB won in 2004, were spewing things like 'He's […]

iPhones on TV

What is it with actors not holding an iPhone properly on TV? What's funny is that later in the same scene, Mrs. Ari was holding the phone in the proper orientation.

(Scene: Man holding child in arms, standing in front of a voting machine.) Me: "Okay, tap that one right there." Her (not in a whisper, I'll put it that way): "No! I don't want to vote for ______ ______"

Giving Contacts Another Go

I'm giving contacts another try. My prescription - or really, my astigmatism - shifted slightly from where it was in 2007 when I was last checked and got new glasses As it's been about a decade since my last pair of contacts, I have to do the whole "fitting" thing again. I got a new […]

The outrage I'm feeling right now can't quite be put into words. As I said awhile back, Time-Warner is performing some equipment upgrades, which has resulted in downtime. I was fine with a little downtime (though the complete lack of communication and forewarning on Time-Warner's part is not cool at all) to improve infrastructure. But […]