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Archive for November, 2008

Nik Software's Complete Collection, $599 normally, is now available for Aperture only for $299.95. I've been interested in this software for awhile now, but I've yet to try it because I really try to avoid Aperture's handling of editing plugins. This dislike exists in tension with my dislike for Aperture's lack of masking. For example, […]

Tweaked the Photoblog

I spent some time today tweaking the photoblog. Chief among the changes was the inclusion of a new Ratings Page. This page (currently) lists the three highest and lowest rated images as well as the five most and least rated images. If I could suggest one thing, it's that you visit the page and vote […]

The Digital Photo Frame

For now, you can spend a thousand bucks and get a 7-inch OLED digital photo frame from Kodak. I think I first heard about OLED nearly five years ago. The promise was inexpensive "screens" that you could literally roll up. People were talking about rolling out screens for laptops, using large screens instead of projectors […]


A quick list of the things for which I'm thankful, in no particular order whatsoever and as they come to me. My family and their health and well-being. Apple's resurgence. I shudder to think of where we'd be had the "late-90s" trend not been reversed. Athletics/sports. Watching (Go Pens!) and playing. The United States of […]

PixelPost Plugin: PPEndLoop

Due to a comment, I posted PPEndLoop to the Plugins page here at the site. It's a PixelPost plugin - not a WordPress one - and I extended it to have full functionality ((I believe so, anyway - let me know if there's something missing.))


A long time ago I found Dropbox intriguing. Then I didn't think about it again. Until I read Michael "Rands" Lopp's post on it, after which I signed up immediately. I've already found two good uses for it: I've put my Scorecard data files on it so that I can have up-to-date files on both […]

Josh (a friend) and I are currently seeking a web developer (design skills are a plus) for a startup company with photography overtones and tremendous potential. The position offers no pay, but does offer an ownership stake in the enterprise and fairly loose time requirements. Josh and I are looking at this as a "sweat […]

If someone is ever bored and adventurous enough to update the Quoter plugin for WordPress, I'd be very appreciative. One of the biggest problems is that you cannot put <blockquote> tags inside your own comment or they're transformed into a sort of self-referencing quote. I was going to suggest that "fixing" this with a slight […]

Not Answering the Phone

My wife has a cell phone. A first-gen iPhone, in fact. She almost always has it with her, except when she's at home, and yet I can never seem to reach her. Optimistically, I'd say 33%. Sometimes it's because she's on another call (she doesn't like to use the hold button), but most often it's […]

Do You Have a Blog?

Just curious. And for the sake of the question, interpret "recently" however you'd like in order to answer the question in the manner you feel is best. {democracy:45} P.S. I voted yes. 😀

Off the top of my head… If you're invited to someone else's house, bring something. And don't fish for compliments later. Don't ask to be invited. If you're a good enough friend with someone, they'll think to ask you about your Thanksgiving Day plans. You may not bring a guest unless the host asks if […]

So, like virtually everyone else with an Xbox 360, I downloaded the "NXE." After checking that Rivet still works (it does), I set about to explore. Avatars The first thing you've got to do is set up an avatar (mine's to the right). Frankly, and perhaps because it goes for the "realistic look" more than […]

Good news everybody! Preliminary testing shows that the current version of Rivet works with the New Xbox Experience (NXE) update that came out this morning. All of the files I've attempted to play so far have played correctly. I haven't tried every file type yet, but I've tested all the most likely ones without a […]

Vote Nah and Yeah Scripts for JPG

In my downtime today and yesterday, I spent a few moments clicking through a bunch of submissions to JPG magazine's three Issue 20 themes. Because the position of the "Nah" and "Yeah" buttons change depending on the size of the image, it became a slow, tedious process that felt a lot more like work. I […]

You know those photos I took of the girls in the "professional" studio (i.e. the playroom/craft room in our house)? Wal-Mart apparently thought they were "professional" enough that they had me sign a copyright form attesting to the fact that, indeed, I took the pictures. Their copyright policy states: In addition, we will not copy […]