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Archive for May, 2009

Scorecard 2.0 is now available from Cynical Peak at Scorecard 2.0 is a free upgrade for anyone who purchased the software in 2009 and costs $14.95 for all licensed 1.x users. Such users should use the in-application functionality to upgrade. This version adds the four most widely requested user features: complete nine-hole support, graphing, […]

I'm fairly certain this is new to the most recent Safari 4 beta (the second version - the one you can download after installing Mac OS X 10.5.7), but when I drag a file named "image.jpg" from a website, it names it "image.jpg.jpeg." If I use the contextual menu or view the image and hit […]

Originally, Scorecard 2.0 was scheduled to be released on Tuesday. But Rivet 2.1's release pushed that back and gave us a bit more time. Then it was scheduled for today. But the Windows version is having a little trouble with the in-app upgrade process. You see, we're handling upgrading within the application. We use the […]

WordPress DST Bug Fixed?

Could it be? Yes, after more than two years, it seems so!

After an entire series of close games, half of which went beyond 60 minutes, it was nice to finally have a breather. Now the Pens await the winner of the Bruins-Canes seventh game. Two ECF in two years is pretty good, but the Pens aren't satisfied by that. They're only halfway to their ultimate goal.

Sadly, it does not fix the caching issues. Hrm.

Rivet 2.1

Rivet 2.1 is now available. New in this release: Added Italian localization. Thanks to Andrea Boz. Added Spanish localization. Thanks to Juan Manuel Serón Luna. Cleaned up the French localization. Added an alias loop check for the folder parsing. Removed the ability to add / as a shared folder. Added a start-up check for / […]

Coke Rewards Points

Just curious: anyone else out there collect Coke Rewards points? Carey and I have about 2900, but really haven't seen anything worth spending them on for quite some time. We used to get the free movie rentals (plus pop and popcorn) from Blockbuster, but we haven't seen those offers in several months.

Oprah’s Free KFC

So Carey and I take our free Oprah KFC coupons. They tell us, reading a prepared statement, that "due to the overwhelming response" we'd have to come inside, fill out a form that they will mail in, and that coupons will then be mailed to us. What a crock. More here.

True or false: public schooling in the United States is generally well suited for the average and below average children while leaving many of the more intelligent kids to fend for themselves. Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

I saw a study today on some news show that said that because kids are home during the summer, the average amount of television viewed per household increases nearly 40% during the summer. Mine drops nearly 100% - I barely watch TV (except golf, basically) during the summer. There's nothing on because it's nice outside […]

May 2009 SpamSieve Stats

Filtered Mail 195,695 Good Messages 404,498 Spam Messages (67%) 235 Spam Messages Per Day SpamSieve Accuracy 517 False Positives 3,229 False Negatives (86%) 99.4% Correct Corpus 8,048 Good Messages 9,836 Spam Messages (55%) 606,438 Total Words Rules 34 Blocklist Rules 15 Whitelist Rules Showing Statistics Since 8/24/04 8:00pm Last time I checked was back here. […]

Golf Lesson #2

I was about 40% improved (he said 60%) on the takeaway, though he'd like my hands a bit more inside. Right hand grip was adjusted slightly to be a bit stronger, and we're just going to keep focusing on the same things. Only new thing was something I decided to put off: left hand "chop" […]

We're putting the finishing touches on Scorecard 2.0, and expect to release the application in a week. We're currently looking at handling the upgrade process in-app: both for the half-price upgrades as well as the free upgrades for those who purchased Scorecard 1.0 in 2009. Over the next few days I'm going to edit/revise the […]

1000 Balls

I've now hit roughly 1000 golf balls anywhere from 70 to 100 yards with a 7-iron, all in an attempt to groove a better takeaway. It's incredibly annoying how important the first few inches your hands move can have such disastrous results on the rest of your golf swing. 🙂 But on the bright side, […]