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Archive for September, 2009

jhead in Rivet

Rivet uses a free library named jhead to read EXIF information from JPEG files. In its pre-built state, it's a PowerPC-only library, and I was recently reminded of this when I viewed a few hundred pictures on my Xbox 360 and then returned to my Mac to see a few hundred instances of Software Update […]

Whew! I check up on Chuck now and then since it ended this spring… was it cancelled? Not cancelled? Two sites both list it as renewed and returning in March. Yippee! One of the best TV shows left.

Steelers 1-2

Last-minute defeats against the Bears and now the Bengals after barely sneaking out a victory in the first week? It seems Mike Tomlin's cushy soft camp this year isn't serving him well. I really like Mike Tomlin, but dude needs to get his head in the game. Bruce Arians should have been fired several seasons […]

Double-Click on iPhone

{democracy:61} For a little over a year now it's gone to my Phone Favorites, but I'm trying out the "Camera" setting for awhile since every time I want to use the camera it feels like the moment has passed by the time I finally get it launched.

Cheatin’ in a Golf Scramble

I ran into a situation today that kind of ticks me off. A friend and I are playing in a two-man golf tournament. After one guy stands on the line of his partner's putt (in violation of rule 14-2), I point out that it's not cool and someone might call him on it if he […]

I removed a few OSAX and several contextual menu items in Snow Leopard because they were either a) spewing messages in the console, or b) simply not working/loading. My list is: 24U Appearance OSAX.osax CopyPath.plugin dppCMPlugIn.plugin DropboxPlugin.plugin ParallelsCM.plugin Satimage.osax XML Tools.osax Renamer4Mac.plugin Parallels will likely update itself at some point in the future (or not […]

X-Ray QuickLook Folders

defaults write QLEnableXRayFolders 1 Genius!

iPhone Pic: Pumkins

Near middle Peach Street here in Erie/Millcreek, someone is selling pumpkins for Halloween. Unfortunately, "pumpkins" has two "p"s while every one of their signs has only one. 🙁


For a few years now we've had a 19" TV hooked up to an old TiVo (a Hughes unit) in the bedroom. This has worked "okay" as a second source for television programming the few times we had conflicts. With hockey season coming up, I decided now was as good a time as any to […]

Lightroom is pulling farther ahead of Aperture. This comment captures a lot of the reasons why: Five bucks says Aperture 3 — if there even is an Aperture 3 — will be the last major update. Apple's refusal to communicate or fix longstanding bugs is driving away its professional customers. There's no life left in […]

Paying for Pre-Orders?

I ordered a wireless mic set from B&H on August 26. See? After a few days, they sent me a small "quick start guide" ((Think "business card" size after being folded twice.)) to the version 2.0 of the 3.0 product that I'd ordered. I called today to find out what's going on, since I was […]

I love a good ripping. I love swimming against the tide of "popularity," particularly when most of those gliding down-river are doing so without any particular thought as to why they're doing so. Because it's easy? Because everyone else is doing it? The first article is here and the second is here. And yes, they're […]

Took only 30 minutes. This one, unlike the first-gen one in my VW Touareg, shows the album and artist name. Or the title. But never all three together, bizarrely. But hey, at least it can change shuffle settings, navigate playlists, artists, and albums, and a few other things. Still, a step up. And I'll read […]

Cropping a Photo = Lying?

{democracy:60} I voted no, because the very act of taking a photo crops everything else that's visible from the vantage point of the photographer in that instance. If cropping is lying, so too would zooming and virtually everything else done to capture a portion of a 3D world on a 2D sensor or piece of […]

Does anyone out there have an older iPod in good shape? We're looking for one (even 8 GB should do), specifically one of the ones in this image. They're listed as supported iPods on this page. The wife's iPhone works, but it asks to be put into airplane mode every time you plug it in […]