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Archive for September, 2009

USB Overdrive is now available in a Snow Leopard/64-bit version. Yippee! I'm waiting for a DVD to finish encoding before I restart. Compare this with CaddieSync, the application you need to use to synchronize your "SkyCaddie" ((A golf GPS device that tells you how far away a green, a bunker, a pond, etc. is.)) - […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal

It turns out that removing four bicuspids when I was a kid is now considered a mildly "controversial" tactic that's not used much anymore, and due to the relatively small size of my mouth and the fact that even the dentists can't easily clean my rear wisdom teeth, I'm having them removed. Just the uppers. […]

Winning at Scrabble

I'd like to have a Scrabble night at our house. It's a good game on a number of levels. Perhaps every other Saturday or something - weekly would be overkill. Maybe we can play different games on the odd weeks ((Or would they be the even weeks? :-D)).

Rivet 2.2.4 is now available. Originally the plan was to release Rivet 2.2.2, but a few problems necessitated a few more updates. 🙂 This update is free and it fixes the Snow Leopard issue where a thumbnail was not always generated. It also fixes the issue with streaming MP4 video files to the PS3. They […]

9/11 Eight Years Later

Consider this an open place to share your thoughts on 9/11, eight years after the events occurred. The memory that sticks out most for me is that my office-mate Alison, who had family in NYC, was desperately trying to call her family and our boss came in and said "My family's fine, so yours is […]

Scorecard 2.2 is now available for download from Cynical Peak's website for both Mac and Windows! Scorecard 2.2 adds the ability to export your statistics to HTML: the index page will now automatically show a "Stats" tab with your current stats using all rounds played after your master marker date. It fixes a few little […]

Does anyone have any recommendations on a good office chair? I'm primarily looking for only two things: cost and comfort. I'd like a chair that's priced in the mid-range and which is comfortable. Clients don't visit my home office, so I'm not concerned with looks at all. The chair I have now I've had for, […]

Sheets and Snow Leopard

Yippee! I just noticed that this bug - a bug that affected sheets and Spaces in Mac OS X - appears to be fixed in Snow Leopard. The bug would result in your computer switching to any space in which a sheet appeared or disappeared. It most frequently annoyed me when I'd post via MarsEdit, […]

Snow Leopard Loses My Keyboard

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard, my keyboard has been "lost" by my Mac Pro a few times. Suddenly keyboard input will simply cease to work - or at least all of the letter and number keys. The fix I've found is to hit ctrl-eject (which still works), click "sleep" with the mouse (which continues to […]

WordPress Security

John Gruber thinks it stinks. Another John says "don't blame the victim." I think John Gruber goes a bit over-board in dissing WordPress. I don't know why, but he seems to have an axe to grind with WordPress. It came off that way to me just as it came off that way to many others. […]

A few days ago I wrote about a MobileMe Sync issue under Snow Leopard. Ever since trying to troubleshoot that issue - knock on wood - things have been operating smoothly here. I still have the Preference plist was NOT a dictionary stuff in my Console, but the syncs take far less time and don't […]

Window Minimization in Snow Leopard

{democracy:59} I've switched to minimizing into the application icon, but sometimes I wish the icon would badge itself with the number of minimized windows or in some way indicate that it's "holding" some of my windows. I don't feel as though I've gained much by switching, but it feels different, and sometimes a little change […]

8 GB RAM on the Way

I have the first Mac Pro (September 2006 purchase date) and currently have the memory arranged as such: A1: 1 GB A2: 1 GB B1: 1 GB B2: 1 GB A3: 512 MB A4: 512 MB B3: Empty B4: Empty I'll soon be receiving two 4 GB DIMMs and am trying to figure out how […]

What Software Needs Updating for You?

My list: Schubert-It's PDF Plugin (Running Safari in 32-bit mode ain't gonna cut it, dude.) AppleJack (I rarely use it, but it's nice to have.) Cocktail (Again, rarely use it, but nice to have.) That's really about it. I certainly hope that all of the third-party Preference Panes I use are converted to run in […]

MobileMe Sync Issue

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard, MobileMe syncs take a really, really, really long time. 95% of the time I'd check it would be syncing the preferences. I reset my prefs, having this computer over-write the cloud for just the preferences, and Console tells me this about 10 or 12 times: 9/1/09 2:37:57 pm PreferenceSyncClient[6047] Preference […]