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Archive for February, 2011

Eye-Fi Card on the Way

When I'd previously asked about Eye-Fi cards I was interested in them primarily from a tech, ease-of-use perspective. Well, a few people using Analyzr have asked about "live capture" of swings. This has historically been done on a machine hooked up to two Firewire- or, occasionally, USB-driven cameras to capture swings immediately into the software. […]

Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer are conducing a one-day school at Whispering Woods and the Golf Evolution Academy on Saturday, April 30, 2011. Unlike the previous post, they teach a golf swing that makes sense. 😉

Jackson Straight Method to Golf

Uhm, what?

Thunderbolt Looks Cool

An article from Macworld explains all. Looks pretty awesome.

New MacBook Pros!

The long wait is over (except for those poor folks wanting a new MacBook)! I helped a friend pick out a 13" model today. They pack a good punch and are nicely sized.


Why must SteerMouse be "reconnected" every morning? Why can't it automatically poll to see if it's still "connected" and reconnect if it is not? The software works fairly well - and is a bit less confusing than USB Overdrive ((Dead product, sadly.)) - but this "reconnect" thing is annoying.

Anti-Spam Tools for phpBB

I've recently helped a friend set up a phpBB forum, and we're wondering if there's one really good anti-spam tool available for phpBB. I've used and am familiar with a few of the vBulletin ones, and Akismet does a pretty good job, but I'm not sure what's available for phpBB. Any recommendations?

Mac OS X Lion Looking forward to: Mission Control (Spaces Done Better?) Gestures Auto Save (not much) Versions (a little) Resume (nice) Don't really care about: App Store LaunchPad Full-Screen Apps (care a little) Mail 5 (eh, whatevs) AirDrop (isn't this just the public drop box?) FileVault

Your Fired!

Whatever party this guy supports, I wonder if they're glad to have him. Did he get the "moran" guy to make his sign?


Highly recommend Calvetica. Works great. Apple's "Calendar" is now tucked away in a "folder" I never open. It's a little bit interesting that I use neither iCal on my computers nor Calendar on my iPhone. BusySync and now Calvetica, thank you very much!

Edel Putters

Coming soon to a Golf Evolution near you. 😉

Skin Gun

Yeah, science. What's it ever done for anyone?

Animals Talking

Steve! Steve! Steve! Update: Removed? What?

A year in the making, almost to the day, Analyzr is now shipping for Mac OS X 10.6. Available in both Home and Pro models and at a special introductory price of $45 and $449, Analyzr is far and away the best video analysis software for sports (primarily golf) on Mac OS X, and arguably, […]