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Archive for February, 2011

Mario Lemieux Speaks|PIT|home Hockey is a tough, physical game, and it always should be. But what happened Friday night on Long Island wasn't hockey. It was a travesty. It was painful to watch the game I love turn into a sideshow like that. The NHL had a chance to send a clear and strong message that those […]

Analyzr. Sign up today, check your email Sunday morning.

Furyk Feeling

Yeah baby! 🙂 Feel ain't real, folks.

MediaTemple (dv) 4.0

This document and this one might come in handy should I ever migrate from (dv)3.5 to (dv)4.0. Not now. The Analyzr launch is way too close.

Held a MacBook Air 11″

In a word: want. Screw the iPad.

Stupid Flash

Adobe stinks. And no, clicking "RETRY" does not help.

Super Bowl Commercials Sucked

My one comment on the game itself: karma seems to have caught up with Ben and, unfortunately, it cost the rest of the team who didn't do whatever Ben did in a dirty Georgia bar… His two turnovers cost the Steelers the game ((Though the Packers may have won anyway if their receivers could have […]

Facebook’s “Like”

Just a thought… Problem: Your friend Suzy posts on Facebook "Dad's just had a stroke! Racing to the hospital to be with him now!" You don't have a comment, because you never know just what to say, but you'd like to keep apprised of any updates to this status. You're left with the option of […]

Xcode 4

Ah now themes for Xcode for are coming out… and I've not even bothered to download it yet. Been kinda busy with Analyzr and a week or so before you ship is not the time to change your IDE. To those who are using it, how is it? What's new, what sucks, what's cool? Will […]

Got a Magic Trackpad

My friend, co-worker, and partner Dave has been raving about his Magic Trackpad. I'd finally heard enough and picked one up through a friend who also raved about his when I inquired. Initial impressions? Eh. I like that I can use the thing while reclined, as a sort of "magic remote control," and I hear […]

Scorecard is now in the Mac App Store. I'll let you know when we hit our first million dollars in sales.

Accumulator Unloading

When I have time, I intend to modify this graph: If you're not into golf, this post will mean nothing to you. 😉 P.S. If you use Numbers, is there any way to get a shaded area in a defined range on either side of the lines shown here? Kind of a "margin for error" […]

Tiger, evolvr, Domain Names

I took that video on my phone and sent it to Dave. He found it amusing enough to make into a video. The domain name is an interesting one. It was bought at auction because it lapsed awhile ago. Long story short and lots of parts left out, but why on earth does someone […]