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Archive for December, 2012

Does anyone know of a relatively easy way to watermark a multi-page PDF via PHP at the time of download? I'll do my usual research, but if anyone knows of a quick way that works, I'd love to hear it. 🙂

Top NHL Plays 2011-2012

I'm working on a site for a tech-unsavvy friend, and I'd like to let him look at the site. Normally (as I do on my machines) I'd have the guy set the non-www. domain name in his hosts file to point to the new IP address, but he's unable to do that. So what are […]

The APC Back-UPS RS 1500VA LCD that I got in July, 2008 (product page) has served me well. It's an 865 Watt, 1500 VA unit that gives me around 18 minutes or so of battery powered backup when it's new. A few weeks ago we lost power, and my computer didn't last very long. When […]

Ugh, Forums

Ugh, the modern world of forums is a real pain in the rear. I'm looking to start a new (small) forum for disc golf technique and instruction. XenForo (I use this elsewhere) hasn't seen an update since March. phpBB and MyBB are small and have hideous themes. Vanilla Forum charges a lot and their host-it-yourself […]

I'm developing a small site for someone and I've already hacked together a custom widget to show recent posts on every page of the site (the "blog" is more of a "news" thing while the main site uses pages), but I haven't yet found a good solution for an "Upcoming Events" widget. If it were […]

Merry Christmas!

That is all. The bulk of our day was spent watching some guy who shouts "Live action!" every four minutes.

iTunes 11 Play Count Not Updating?

Turn crossfading off. You might even be able to turn it on again after you quit and re-launch iTunes ((It worked here for me doing that.)), but turning it off fixed the problems right away. Weird bug. P.S. I have an "Unrated/Unplayed" smart playlist that contains songs I haven't played OR haven't rated, and it […]

Winner Is

I only see loser's here. I award 72 :doh:s to LongHorn Steakhouse.

Found this GIF while cleaning up my Downloads folder. It's interesting how many little changes took what was the first icon (inspired by actual pulp fiction) to the final icon. PulpFiction and its replacement Cyndicate remain two of my most favorite applications I've developed (including some I've never released but which I use weekly). Ho […]

Four Kinds of Tie Knots

The traction drive spring for the Husqvarna 10530 SBE is part #532180926.

I heard this trivia question while on hold: What King became President of the United States of America? Gerald Ford, who was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr. before being semi-adopted and changing his name on December 3, 1935.

2012's Worst Words - I'm so glad I didn't hear of many of them. 2012's Top Tech Fails. Spoiler: Apple's Maps wins. Meh, whatever. I've never had a problem with them. I'd have voted for how freaking useless and slow Siri turned out to be. Artisanal Water - Yeah, people apparently buy it. Gun nuts […]

I mentioned in the comments on this post that I'd write this up, so here goes. What follows is an AppleScript I activate via FastScripts with the keyboard shortcut cmd-opt-f. It scrapes the page, filters the text, builds a list of URLs to click from the "new post" links (often an image is linked), and […]