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Archive for December, 2012

Instagram's new ToS (Terms of Use, technically), effective January 16, 2013, says: Some or all of the Service may be supported by advertising revenue. To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions, you agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any […]

Happiness is a Worn Gun

A good article that's neither pro-gun nor anti-gun.

Media Coverage of Mass Murders

This is appropriate too: Let me tell you a story. The day after Columbine, I was interviewed for the Tom Brokaw news program. The reporter had been assigned a theory and was seeking sound bites to support it. "Wouldn't you say," she asked, "that killings like this are influenced by violent movies?" No, I said, […]

Guns, Mass Shootings

A few random thoughts… - Guns don't kill people, people do. But guns make it easier to kill people than a knife. - If you want to kill a bunch of people, bombs, poisons, etc. are effective too. - The media sure makes mass killers famous, don't they? - Guns save lives, too - and […]

A great article, and one I'll read again, but let me just say this: thank goodness AppleScript has survived. The number of things for which I rely on AppleScript every day is somewhere between 50 and 1000, and probably between 200 and 500 depending on how you define "things."

Nice Place to Play

I'm a sucker for DSLR videos with the great depth of field changes, and never mind that people are playing disc golf in this video - these old Finnish forests look like great, awesome places to just BE, to walk around, to breathe the air.

Fixing up an Old Mustang

The Real Thing from Union HZ on Vimeo.

My Blog is 10

My blog is now ten years old. It all started with my first post, which was "I Hate Perl" on this day in 2002. Why did I write that? Because at the time the blog was a MoveableType blog, which was written in Perl. Happy Blogiversary ((No, I won't be using that word again if […]

CrashPlan or BackBlaze?

CrashPlan is more customizable (and has whole-house coverage) and BackBlaze is a better Mac OS X client. John Siracusa recommends them both equally. I have three computers (currently) that I'd like to back up off-site: My Mac Pro with a lot of stuff (four internal hard drives attached, though only two are non-backup drives) My […]

Beaver State DG Video

I like the camera angles in this one:

Pixelmator’s Two Biggest Annoyances

I like Pixelmator. I like it a lot. For cropping and some other quick tasks, it rocks. But it is lousy at two things I do fairly frequently. Letting you know what your foreground and background colors are for fills with the keyboard shortcut. White balance. That is all. Carry on.

Steve Jobs on Life

BBEdit 10.5

I'm almost certain there's a way to do it, but I tried quickly to select a few columns and type the same thing into several rows of text at once, and couldn't do it. But there's no way I'm giving up BBEdit. It's worked beautifully for me for well over a decade. And I was […]

Think about it. We changed the vast majority of our iPhone in a day. We didn't kind of — you know, change a little bit here or there. iPad, we changed the entire lineup in a day. The most successful product in consumer electronics history, and we change it all in a day and go […]

Earlier this evening myself, Mike Mirth, Brandon Smith, and Jay went to the North East Township monthly meeting to propose that we be allowed to put baskets and tee markers in for a nine-hole disc golf course at the North East Township Conservation Park (a.k.a. 20 Mile Creek Park). The meeting went well, and I […]