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Archive for July, 2014

And, not only that, but it's for a new language they've written… Welcome, Swift Blog!

WordPress 4.0 and This Blog

I'm behind, I know. I'll catch up some day. I think that I've had this theme for a long time. I think that I should probably just choose a default theme, or perhaps buy one, and switch to it when WordPress 4.0 comes out. This theme doesn't work with dynamic sidebars or, well, much of […]

Read all about it here: Michael Tsai: The Indie Life.

Lightroom *never* fully expires | The DAM Book Buried in the recent Adobe Creative Cloud rollout was a revolutionary change to the way Lightroom licensing functions. When the license expires, the program keeps on working.* This is a radical development. If you've been paying attention to the sturm und drang around the Creative Cloud licensing […]

iPhone 6 Glass?


How to make a custom keyboard in iOS 8 using Swift. Nifty. Bookmarked for later. Looking forward to trying some new keyboards in iOS 8.

Yosemite’s Icons

Inspecting Yosemite's Icons It's hard to talk about the dock icons without first mentioning the dock. The 2D dock is back, so let's take a moment to rejoice. The shapes and sizes of the icons have been adjusted to provide a better visual rhythm on screen. I have not seen it published anywhere, but there […]

Apple Maps Still Sucks

A post office was less than three miles away. WTF is this? It's been how long? I tried "post office edinoboro" and "US Post office" and "USPS" and the results were either the same or worse.

Location Based iOS Security

Apple Invents Intelligent Location-Based Security for Home & CarPlay I used to think I'd want this: a set of preferences that let me define regions in which my phone would, after being unlocked once, remain unlocked for the next hour, two hours, eight hours, until I left, whatever… Then Apple went and invented TouchID, and […]

iOS Permissions: Respecting the User. I've seen more apps doing what this app does: ask you if you want to allow access to something using its OWN UI. If you say Yes, then you're given the "only-one-chance" iOS version. Smart.

Free Aperture to Lightroom Migration Tool is in Open Beta links to .Aperture Exporter, which may help if I decide to move to Lightroom eventually. Unpopular Unpopular is my Chrome extension that helps dampen the social approval echo chamber. It hides indicators of social status on GitHub (followers, watchers, stars, forks) and Twitter (followers, retweets, favs). I find Unpopular useful to focus on what I find interesting and important. I hope you find it useful as well. If you're […]

Like a Girl

I've been guilty of saying this in the past few years, despite having a daughter who might very well have kicked the shit out of the 10-year-old me at lots of things. And I'm aware of that… but it's just so baked in as "something you say" that I've said it without thinking. So, this […]

The Adobe Blog writes: Apple's Aperture News. In it, Jeffrey Tranberry says "We're looking into a way for Aperture customers to more easily migrate to Lightroom." The current solution, frankly, sucks: We’re working on a way for iPhoto and Aperture customers to more easily migrate to Lightroom. As of right now, your best bet is […]

The Gunfighter

The Gunfighter from Eric Kissack on Vimeo.