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Archive for July, 2014

Avoiding “Sagan Syndrome.” Why Astronomers and Journalists should pay heed to Biologists about ET. But perhaps some perspective shifts will allow us to restore the Copernican Principle to its rightful place. Recall from my previous post how we have three wildly disparate time scales in play: millions, billions and trillions. Rounding to the nearest 20, […]

5.5 Inch iPhone?

I used to make fun of those huge phones I'd see people carrying from Samsung or whomever. I sincerely hope that Apple doesn't make the mistake of putting "The Good Stuff™" in just the largest phone1, because I don't know that I'll want a huge freakin' iPhone. 4.7" seems plenty large enough, and I don't […]

A hue angle of 270 degrees, a saturation of 50% and a lightness of 40% Eric Meyer is an expert on the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) system used to control the appearance of web documents. He's the author of multiple books on CSS, and the "chaperone" of the css-discuss mailing list. His daughter, Rebecca, passed […]

From Mike Ash, Interesting Swift Features.

Holy crap. To be clear, iOS 8 will expose just about every manual camera control possible. This means that ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, and exposure bias can be manually set within a custom camera application. Outside of these manual controls, Apple has also added gray card functionality to bypass the auto white balance […]

Ballmer’s Email Hacked

Hilarious. frozenfan56. Heh.

Surface Pressure in iOS 8

Pencil / Surface Pressure from FiftyThree on Vimeo.

SSD Endurance Experiment

Michael Tsai - Blog - The SSD Endurance Experiment The takeaway: they all lasted longer than stated.

BitCoin Fork

I still have no idea what BitCoin is or how it works, but this doesn't sound good either: It's Time For a Hard Bitcoin Fork. Uh, okay.

Only Apple

Daring Fireball: Only Apple The takeaway, IMO: Tim Cook is improving Apple’s internal operational efficiency.

1Password in iOS 8

The Power of iOS 8 – Ole Begemann Go back to the home screen and launch 1Password. Enter your 1Password master password. Locate the web siteʼs credentials in the 1Password database. I have several hundred logins stored in 1Password, so this can require quite a bit of manual browsing or using the built-in search, which […]

MAC Address Randomization

Michael Tsai - Blog - iOS 8 MAC Address Randomization I'm pretty sure my friend Aaron Linville had a bit to do with that in an earlier version of Mac OS X… Also, "While Using" is quite cool. I'll be enabling that for almost everything except perhaps To Dos (the geofenced variety will need to […]

Suck it, England. (Filler post, heh heh heh.)

IPPAWARDS | 8th Annual iPhone Photography Awards™ » 2014 Winners

Aaron Hillegass says that iOS Developers Need to Know Objective-C… and I agree.