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Talk about a bug that shouldn't exist, right? Fortunately, there's an easy fix: type purge into your Terminal window. That's it.

iMovie Error -49 When Exporting

If you're getting an error code -49 when exporting a movie from iMovie, turn off Time Machine temporarily.

The Spinball Grip

What to Do When Xcode Beachballs: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+Period Love it!

Alternative Browsers

BTW, since I mentioned Safari yesterday, I've looked at other browsers that still exist for Mac OS X. I'm hoping the comments can fill with others. Of course, many people know about OmniWeb. Camino is still around, as is, oddly, iCab. Those are the first three that sprang to mind, but I imagine there are […]

Don Melton on Safari

I've been enjoying Don Melton's posts lately. For example: Keeping Safari a secret and Safari is released to the world. Good gosh Safari is old. I'm old. Wow.

How Apple Sets Prices

This Macworld article was interesting, though long-time Apple folks knew most of it. In short: there's simply very little margin for discounting on Apple products. The company supplements its tiny wholesale discounts to resellers with more substantial monetary incentives that are available only if those resellers advertise its products at or above a certain price, […]

iTunes 11 Play Count Not Updating?

Turn crossfading off. You might even be able to turn it on again after you quit and re-launch iTunes ((It worked here for me doing that.)), but turning it off fixed the problems right away. Weird bug. P.S. I have an "Unrated/Unplayed" smart playlist that contains songs I haven't played OR haven't rated, and it […]

I mentioned in the comments on this post that I'd write this up, so here goes. What follows is an AppleScript I activate via FastScripts with the keyboard shortcut cmd-opt-f. It scrapes the page, filters the text, builds a list of URLs to click from the "new post" links (often an image is linked), and […]

A great article, and one I'll read again, but let me just say this: thank goodness AppleScript has survived. The number of things for which I rely on AppleScript every day is somewhere between 50 and 1000, and probably between 200 and 500 depending on how you define "things."

Pixelmator’s Two Biggest Annoyances

I like Pixelmator. I like it a lot. For cropping and some other quick tasks, it rocks. But it is lousy at two things I do fairly frequently. Letting you know what your foreground and background colors are for fills with the keyboard shortcut. White balance. That is all. Carry on.

BBEdit 10.5

I'm almost certain there's a way to do it, but I tried quickly to select a few columns and type the same thing into several rows of text at once, and couldn't do it. But there's no way I'm giving up BBEdit. It's worked beautifully for me for well over a decade. And I was […]

Think about it. We changed the vast majority of our iPhone in a day. We didn't kind of — you know, change a little bit here or there. iPad, we changed the entire lineup in a day. The most successful product in consumer electronics history, and we change it all in a day and go […]

What I Miss in iTunes 11

iTunes DJ, previously Party Shuffle. iTunes 11 is smart enough to know that a podcast is not music, but I now have NO WAY of adding podcasts to my random stream of music - you cannot add podcasts to the "Up Next" list. I could create a playlist, but manually managing a playlist for podcasts […]

Dan announced on his blog that both Hypercritical and Build and Analyze would end in a month or so. He recommends that users interested in those shows (I listened to John's and only rarely Marco's) begin listening to The Incomparable and The Crossover (which seems to have begun specifically to address the loss of the […]

Launch Services Clutter

Why does this happen? As you can see, I'm trying to open an image via the contextual menu. I'd like to open it in Pixelmator, but instead of one choice, I'm given a choice of five. This makes no sense. I have one hard disk (the main one) with a copy of Pixelmator. That hard […]