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Happy Birthday, Macintosh!

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Macintosh Happy birthday to you… …and maaaaaany mooooooooore! Today is the Mac's 21st birthday. Why, our boy is old enough to drink now!. As I sit here staring at my 23" LCD attached to a dual 2 GHz G5 with 2.5 GB RAM about […]

Here's something I'd like to do. It begins like this: set rawSource to "" tell application "Safari" set rawSource to source of front document end tell Now, at this point, I'd like to run a grep search on the source and grab every string of the form http:// ... &view=new. Then, I'd like to tell […]

Resetting Your Computer

For future use by… whomever. mount -uw / cd /private/var/db/netinfo mv local.nidb local.old rm ../.AppleSetupDone exit That's it!

Not All is Well in Mac-Land

For those who've missed it, Tiger Mail now features the ugliest toolbar buttons ever seen. UGH! Plus, that new "semi-metal" window type? I'm going to call it the "tin foil" window. So now we have Aqua windows, brushed metal windows, and tin foil windows. Double UGH UGH!

Real-Time Keynote Blogging, Anyone?

Will anyone be doing any real-time MWSF keynote blogging? In the past, I've logged on to IRC channels, refreshed Web pages, etc. Who will have coverage for those of us not attending? WHO!?!?!?! 😀

Those Tiger Torrent Kids

I just finished reading the interview with one of the folks being sued for distributing Tiger. Desicanuk … I'm very sorry to hear what has happened to you, and hope that you can come out of this situation a little smarter and wiser. Let's get real here: they are the ones that "did" the thing, […]

BBEdit Text Factories

I've finally gotten the chance to use a Text Factory in BBEdit, and I must say I'm rather disappointed. Unless I've missed something, I cannot simply do what I'd like to do: process text (or even the selected text) with a Text Factory. I'm moving an old site to a new site, and in the […]

Safari Forms Slowdown

JDD and I were talking, and I was moaning about Safari's incredibly slow "pizza cursor" times. They've been happening lately whenever I'd click a text field, a popup menu, and other such "form" items. It's been quite ridiculous, really - a 2-3 second wait whenever I'd move around. It'd delay actions when I did click […]

iWant iWork

This may be the best evidence yet of an upcoming "iWork." Update: According to filings at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the "iWork" name is currently registered by Apple, with the previous registrant being IGG Software--hinting that Apple acquired (paid for) the rights to the mark. The change was made in August 2004. […]

Screw the headless iMac. I don't want it, if it exists. I still want a display (15" would be fine) with a pen-sensitive screen and a USB port for a keyboard/mouse. I want the computer to run Mac OS X, but only so far as to boot into Remote Desktop. Then, without syncing files or […]

iCab 3.0 Betas and CSS Support

It's amazing what a little CSS support can do for iCab. Particularly for the way the FSS site appears. I'm particularly interested in iCab - I used it a while back and it has some nice features. Bringing it back to relevancy (it hasn't been since it fell behind the CSS curve, though it hung […]

Free or Inexpensive Proxy

I'd like to access some Web content via a proxy (for testing some things). Does anyone know of a free or inexpensive proxy that I might use? The proxy should have a password and should let me view content via HTTP (web pages, etc.). Ideally, the proxy will report the visitor IP to the site […]

Full-Screen Games

I don't mind full-screen games. Sometimes I even play them. But today when I launched the free Holiday Express (courtesy of .Mac), it immediately zapped into full-screen mode. I immediately looked for options and the ability to turn off full-screen mode. It was there and I did, so all seemed well. Until the game crashed […]

10.3.6 and Photoshop

It may just be me, but it seems like ever since updating to 10.3.6 Photoshop's been having a fight with the shift key. The shift key no longer constrains proportions while dragging or draws perfect squares or circles. When I let go of the drag, the item snaps to the proportional size, but that's often […]

.plist Checker

This might come in handy if you suspect that one of your Prefs files is corrupt. sudo plutil -s ~/Library/Preferences/*.plist Thanks to José for reminding me of this! (Obvious changes will be needed if a) you don't need to be root, and b) you want to check subfolders, or a different folder, or whatever. Y'all […]