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Adium and Gmail Annoyance

How can you turn that dialog off in Adium? I've changed my preferences to not show an alert, but that doesn't seem to do diddly squat. I've just now reset those, though, so perhaps they'll actually work now. I'm using the latest nightly build.

Plug-in Failure

Ahh. Flash. How we love thee. Scourge.

Continued MobileMe Sync Issues

I'm having two issues with MobileMe's sync. The first is that on my laptop I cannot remove "" from MobileMe. I don't know why - and Syncrospector fails to help me remove it. I've reset MobileMe as much as I can, cleared caches, etc. Here are two screenshots that may help: MobileMe and Syncrospector. Clicking […]

Analyzr is an application for Mac OS X. Not a day goes by, however, when five or six people don't ask whether the app is an iPad app. It's not at all confusing to me, of course, but a lot of people think that the iPhone runs the iPhone OS, and the iPad and all […]

New MacBook Pros!

The long wait is over (except for those poor folks wanting a new MacBook)! I helped a friend pick out a 13" model today. They pack a good punch and are nicely sized.


Why must SteerMouse be "reconnected" every morning? Why can't it automatically poll to see if it's still "connected" and reconnect if it is not? The software works fairly well - and is a bit less confusing than USB Overdrive ((Dead product, sadly.)) - but this "reconnect" thing is annoying.

Mac OS X Lion Looking forward to: Mission Control (Spaces Done Better?) Gestures Auto Save (not much) Versions (a little) Resume (nice) Don't really care about: App Store LaunchPad Full-Screen Apps (care a little) Mail 5 (eh, whatevs) AirDrop (isn't this just the public drop box?) FileVault

Held a MacBook Air 11″

In a word: want. Screw the iPad.

Stupid Flash

Adobe stinks. And no, clicking "RETRY" does not help.

Got a Magic Trackpad

My friend, co-worker, and partner Dave has been raving about his Magic Trackpad. I'd finally heard enough and picked one up through a friend who also raved about his when I inquired. Initial impressions? Eh. I like that I can use the thing while reclined, as a sort of "magic remote control," and I hear […]

Adjusted to Mail

I ditched Entourage in favor of Mail back in November, and despite some early frustrations, I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. I now know where to put my cursor so that a backspace or forward space won't remove those bizarre quoting lines Mail uses. I've come to find tremendous joy in pasting […]

Spotlight Save Failure

Really, Mac OS X? You can't find a file with the word "shaft" in it on the Desktop? Really?

Drobo Post Still Getting Hits

It's interesting to me that this Drobo post from late 2008 is still getting hits. But, then again, the information is pretty good and still relevant, so in that regard not surprising at all. The point of this post? Just to point that out and to say that my Drobo continues to hum along just […]

Where are the New MacBooks?

I know at least four people who are waiting on the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros to be announced and released. They're not in a rush - they just don't want to buy a computer and have it replaced by a better computer at the same or even a lower price a week or two […]

I haven't seen anyone point this out yet - since Mac OS X 10.6.6 double-clicking an unknown file now presents this dialog box to the user: Hmmmmmmm.