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Putter Fitting with David Edel

Mats are Ready

The opening of the downtown home for Golf Evolution is getting closer and closer…

2011 Pro-Assistant

Dave and I won the Pro-Assistant last year, and as defending champs, we put up a miserable defense, shooting 76 at Peek 'n Peak's Upper Course. The day got off to a lousy start when my putt did about 340° on the first hole and popped out, sitting on the lip. I later lipped from […]

Two AimPoint Reads

Nice putts. Wish the second was a bit faster than 57 seconds, though.

The Net will Save Me

Filmed at the new downtown location for Golf Evolution, to open within the month…

Weight Shift versus Pressure

Compression and Arc Tracing Work

One of these drills I taught to Mike. Hint: it's the last one. 😉


James and I filmed this in late March or early April. Brrrrrr.

Push Draw vs. Pull Slice

Two Ball Trick

A classic. The toughest part is getting the second ball to balance on top of the first. The rest is simple physics.

Ground Force Utilization

Illustrating the proper use of the pivot for maximum ground force power generation.

Extension and Rotation

Drill illustrating the downswing sequence focusing on the extension, side tilt, and rotation of the torso.

Golf Reality Swing

Troy Matteson Sony 2011