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Weight Loss

Chuq: Now having successfully buried the lede, it turns out that a decade ago I weighed 367. Today I weighed in at 398.4. That means over the last decade I’ve gained a net 31.4 pounds, which translates do 3.14 pounds a year (Mmmm…. Pi!), or a mere 1/4 of a pound a month (sorry about […]

Correct me where I'm wrong. There's a strong biological component to homosexuality in human beings. Nature (or "choice") plays a small role. There's no one "gay gene" or anything, but human sexuality is a complex mix of things, but genetics and biology play an incredibly large role in determining someone's hetero- or homo-sexuality.


Funny. But then again xkcd almost always is.

Steve Jobs on Life


A (straight) man and woman are capable of having a purely platonic relationship. True False View Results Just curious. My friend Daria said/says that I get along better with women because "I'm a listener and a talker." I tend to think it's because most guys are jerks. But the jury is still out on me: […]

The Nod, and When Running

"The Nod" is something men seem to understand. "The Nod" is the way we recognize each other, say "hello" without goofily waving our hands in the air like a schoolgirl, and it demonstrates many things, including respect, an understanding, acknowledgment, etc. Women don't seem to understand the nod, or for whatever reason, choose not to […]

Though this message is for the gay/lesbian folks out there, the core message applies to everyone: I will admit I've not cared for the "special treatment" gays, lesbians, African Americans, etc. seem to want to get while declaring that they want "no special treatment." We have an NAACP, but an NAAWP would cause a shitstorm […]

As we obtain knowledge as a culture1, are we seeing a decrease or an increase in the number of people who are "religious"? Are the two related? Or is a change in the "religiousness" of the world unrelated to an increase in knowledge? I don't know that we're getting "more intelligent" but we're certainly getting […]

I'm not in advertising, and I'm not going to pretend to understand whether this type of ploy works on women1, but it seems to me that these ads are directed at men a lot more than they're directed at women. What's your take? More in the extended entry… If it does, what does that say […]

Tiger Woods, Trashed

The only thing I have to say about Tiger Woods. His reputation as a golfer: perhaps the best ever. His reputation as a human being: trashed. I'm curious to see how I'll feel when I see him playing golf in two months. I've rooted for the guy in the past because I enjoy good golf […]

Every once in awhile, someone advances the opinion that since the PGA Tour has no gender rules1, the LPGA Tour should ditch their "women only" rule, too. I never understood how someone could advance such a theory, but those who believe it tend to be bizarrely adamant that they're right. How can you possibly explain […]

Today on ESPN's Outside the Lines, Bob Ley headed the discussion surrounding (on Mother's Day, of course) of pregnant female college athletes on athletic scholarship. The question: should they forfeit their scholarship? Several issues surfaced in support of allowing the student athletes to retain their scholarship, not the least of which was Title 9, which […]


It is back! Hooray!

It seems that Rookie of the Year Ben Roethlisberger is dating Hottie of the LPGA Tour, Natalie Gulbis. Gulbis, like Anna Kournikova, is hot, blonde, young, and winless. Me? I'm much more of a Laura Diaz kinda guy.