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Logo Showdown part 1 - Path, Pinterest, and the Phillies - the letter P and branding.

27 Pictures That Will Change The Way You Look At The World My favorite is probably number six, though the inverted photos are always interesting just because of how weird they look.

Fascinating to watch.

Executive version: you can't. The minimum wage in this country is reprehensible. If the minimum wage had kept up with inflation it would be over $10 an hour. If it had kept up with productivity? It would be $21.72. Seriously… wow.

Famous Guns

How many can you name without looking at the names of the characters or movies? Famous Guns

I call fakesies.

Southwest Crash Landing

I like Southwest - a lot, actually. They are friendly, funny, and don't charge for baggage. I don't like the way they board planes, but it has its advantages, too. This, however, is a sad tale: a Southwest plane crash landed, and then things were stolen from the passenger luggage before being returned. Shame on […]

This article on Kait Weston parlaying her YouTube success into a career reminds me of what my friend Dave always says about American Idol: it's genius, because the buying public is literally voting on what they'll buy. It's irrelevant what the judges think - they're for show - the voting public is constantly refining their […]

Rewilding is a conservation theory which explores the idea that some important introduced species could be used to replace our missing or extinct native animals. As an example, proponents of rewilding argue that Komodo dragons may fill the gap in Australia’s ecosystem left by Megalania, a giant goanna-like species that disappeared thousands of years ago. […]

That's funny. It's too bad soccer has a diving/sissy problem. 🙁

Ultimate Game of HORSE

Some of these shots might quite literally take me weeks to make. Wow.

So says the Fielding Bible backed by four statistical studies. Things like this are interesting. Advanced statistics are just now coming to hockey too, and they're equally interesting there.

I love sites like this. I have to get off that site now or I might waste half a day on it.