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ICE in iOS 7

It's not going to happen, most likely, but Chuq has a good bit on how Apple could enable ICE in addition to "dial 911" when your iPhone is locked. I'd do this. I have RoadIDs and things when I'm running, but when I'm just out I've only got my wallet on it, and it may […]

Good Michael Jordan Article

OTL: Michael Jordan Has Not Left The Building. He has, however, turned 50.

New Eyeglasses

For years I've worn a pair of rimless Silhouette eyeglasses. They were lightweight, flexible, and worked well. I got a pair of sunglasses and a new pair in the same model four years ago, but it was time for a change. I ended up going with the Oakley Clubface frames. I didn't even know what […]

He needs one this year. And yes, I'm filling space. 🙂

What’s Wrong with SI?

From 2007: What's wrong with Sports Illustrated? Apparently SI is losing money and is in danger of going away very soon. The last time I seriously looked at an issue of SI ((Not including the waiting rooms at a doctor's office or something.)) was in high school.

If I could monetize planes and conveyor belts I'd be rich! That page is still getting traffic. Maybe that proves that there IS an idiot born every minute. 😛

Wow. I hadn't ever heard of this.

Canada is collecting pennies and melting them down. I've written several times before. Please, United States - kill the penny! Then video spoofs of "Oh my god, they killed the penny!" can be made. P.S. This isn't entirely new news.

Sincerity and Stupidity

"It is dangerous to be sincere unless you are also stupid." - George Bernard Shaw Unfortunately that's true more often than it should be. 🙁

Bobby Bonilla apparently knows this. SAN JUAN, P.R.—One year from today*, the Mets will add to their payroll a 47-year-old, past-his-prime power hitter who has a reputation as a malcontent—a player who has been retired from professional baseball for nine years and won't play another game again. Nevertheless, starting on July 1, 2011, Bobby Bonilla […]

What are the best ways to score the least expensive airline tickets? For example, if I fly to San Diego from Erie, PA on April 11 and want to return on April 15, when should I buy the tickets? What day, using what methods? I know to spoof a Windows browser. I've heard that. How […]

Master Pickpocket at Work

Holy cow. This makes Parker on Leverage look small time.

Separating an Egg Yolk


I'd like to order a few (three or four?) small posters online. What's the best place to do so? 18 x 24" or so. Five 18 x 24" color posters (mounted to foam boards) from the FedEx/Kinko's is $179.

Does anyone know of a relatively easy way to watermark a multi-page PDF via PHP at the time of download? I'll do my usual research, but if anyone knows of a quick way that works, I'd love to hear it. 🙂