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How Not to Persuade People

I'd like to support these Steelers fans, but after five minutes glancing around, reading their PDF, and so on: I'm not sure what they stand for. They can't watch the Steelers on TV because the NFL is… doing something else? I don't know.

Kerry Cranky and Indecisive

Heh, this made me laugh: For instance: "Kerry was both 'cranky' and more indecisive than he was portrayed by the media." Well, Newsweek's Evan Thomas did say that positive press coverage spotted Kerry 15 extra points; and now we know why: the journalists totally held back on the extent of Kerry's crankiness and indecision. Fucking […]

Personalized Titleists

Towards the end of every year Titleist typically runs a promo: free personalized golf balls. They offer this only on their higher-tier balls, the $40-and-up/dozen set, which consists of two models: The Pro V1 and the Pro V1x. (See postscript.) MSRP is $56/dozen, but Dick's had them for $39.95 recently and I picked up three […]

Eagles 3, Steelers 27

The Steelers beat another undefeated team this week, their interstate "rivals" the Philadelphia Eagles. I say "rivals" because the two teams rarely meet. Ben Roethlisberger had another great day. The Steeler defense had another great day, holding the Eagles to only 23 yards rushing and 111 yards of total offense. The Eagles average around 370 […]

Kiss My Aztek

The Aztek is no longer being produced. No big deal: I love mine, it runs great, and I'll have it for years. I've taken the rear seats out so many times, thrown golf, shooting, fishing, and travelling equipment and goodies in it so many times, and travelled about nearly 50,000 miles since purchasing it in […]

Fucking Stupid

Calling anyone who voted for George W. Bush "fucking stupid" is a great way to come together, to compromise. The GOP could do everything in its power to unite the country, as Kerry called for, and it still wouldn't happen because Kerryites, four years from now, will still be calling everyone "fucking stupid." How mature. […]

Four More Years

If John Kerry had won yesterday, I was fearful of all of the "ha ha, you lost" IMs, emails, and comments I'd get. I had already prepared a response which included things like "I didn't lose: I voted for the guy I wanted to vote for, and nothing prevented me from doing so." I will […]

Shaddup Already

You know what's more annoying than seeing political advertisements on every TV channel? Being told to vote by every friggin' blog in the world. Shaddup already! I voted three weeks ago! Do you honestly think anyone is going to vote simply because they saw a "go vote!" post on a blog? Grrrr... Like Justin, I […]

Patriots 20, Steelers 34

Eight in a row we can't do much about. 21 in a row we can: Boston-area fans had better hold on to their Red Sox streak, because the Patriots were sent home with a crushing loss today after being defeated by my Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers lead nearly the entire game and controlled the football […]

Politics are Over

I'm sick enough of politics at this point that there simply won't be any more political posts on my blog for quite awhile. Questions asked of me about my vote (against Kerry) will be ignored and possibly deleted given their lame-duck status post-this-post. I've talked with a few people older than me this week who […]


Some people seem to have a keen sense of reality. Some do not. First the Sherlock thing and then "Clinton pursued Osama bin Laden?" And 20+ other fallacious, silly things? Y'know, cuz Colin Powell never served his country or anything… Almost all of the questions Dan's asked have been answered and the implications rebuked so […]

Eminem for Kerry

"Let the president answer on higher anarchy/Strap him with an AK-47, let him go fight his own war/Let him impress daddy that way … No more blood for oil," Eminem says in the single "Mosh." Guess what? We could immediately pull out of our war against Al Quaeda, Saddam Hussein, and blood would still be […]


Eric has a good point: Except that this isn't the top -- it just feels like it. The Sox have to win the World Series to eradicate the Curse. And wouldn't it be fascinating if they did so against the Houston Astros? That would be a Texas-Massachusetts Series, just a few days before we're deciding […]

Boston Wins

Okay, so I got the Boston bit wrong. I think the World Series will be close, but I always root for the National League, as my Pirates are a member. I always root for the AFC in the Super Bowl, too, yes.


I love how Boston is teasing its fans into thinking it can do something no other team in baseball has ever done, by coming back from 3-0 down to win a series. It's just a tease. It's such heartache. Heck, I hope they win game six, then get creamed in game seven. Boston fans are […]