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Unpacking in a New School

My wife is spending time packing up boxes and will soon be unpacking them… in her new school (J.S. Wilson Middle School). I got a tour of the place last week and it's pretty impressive. Still, some boneheaded moves were made: the science room has no floor outlets, so the microscopes must now be battery […]

2008 Birthday Wish List

Things I wouldn't mind getting for my birthday this year include: Think Tank AirPort International rolling case Canon BG-E4 Vertical Grip/Battery Holder for Canon 5D ($220) Another BP-511A Li-ION Battery (for same, $50!) Really Right Stuff BGE4-L L-Plate (for same, $183) Some lens bag for the 300/2.8 L IS (more research needed, ~$40) World Peace […]

John Gruber attributes this quote to Emerson We postpone our literary work until we have more ripeness and skill to write, and we one day discover that our literary talent was a youthful effervescence which we have now lost. From his recent interview.

Six-team playoffs are a solved problem. In football, the top two teams get bye weeks. Seed 3 plays seed 6 and seed 4 plays seed 5. After that, the highest ranked team plays the lowest ranked team that's won the previous week. However, my winter hockey league has six teams, but they're guaranteeing each team […]


Ha! I don't believe the adage "cheaters never win" applies here, because the Patriots won 18 times this year, but given that they'd make the playoffs and even that they'd win 18 times, I couldn't have scripted it better than a loss in the Super Bowl. The last three QBs to win the Super Bowl […]

Dating is Hell (.net)

I'm not dating anymore, but a friend of mine has started a site "," which collects stories from the wild and woolly world of dating.

This is about 1/3 of the building… which is quite literally 1/2 mile long from end to end. The PGA Merchandise show occupies the entire building. Today is the last day of the show. Tomorrow: a special thing with Titleist.

Best and Worst of 2007

Post your best and worst of 2007 in the comments. Limit yourself to one or put 20 items down for each - I don't care ((Though if you're doing the latter, why don't you have a blog of your own?))! Here's to hoping everyone has it great in 2008. My lists will appear in the […]

Happy Holidays

May everyone get what they need and not what they want tomorrow, regardless of whether they're celebrating Christmas.

A Plane on a Conveyor Belt

Because MythBusters was supposed to show the "plane on a conveyor belt" show last night, I stumbled onto the original question at Jason Kottke's blog. The question is as follows: A plane is standing on a runway that can move (some sort of band conveyer). The plane moves in one direction, while the conveyer moves […]

New Tires on the Touareg

After two years and about 27,000 miles, the Touareg's tires were in need of replacement. I went to Dunn Tire on Peach Street and got a pretty good deal on some Dueler H/L Alenzas in the Touareg's odd size (255/60HR17). They're rated pretty well (600A A) and other review seem favorable. Dunn has a few […]


True or false: you can accurately measure the size of the geek by the size of his cable collection? I would have to say true. I don't have much basis for comparison, but since I've spent three hours organizing cables and still have an hour or two to go, well, yeah…

Book Treatment

John Gruber's essay on Amazon's Kindle contained this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson: If you would know how a man treats his wife and his children, see how he treats his books. I've always been appalled at how people treat books. I go out of my way to choose thin bookmarks that don't damage books. […]

Roller Skating

Evan's Skate Land West is apparently up for sale. If I could round up $10k I'd make an offer. The carpeting in there (including the shag carpet on the bathroom walls) hasn't been replaced (or cleaned) since about 1973. And I know everyone goes to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, but why?

Wear a Watch?

I used to wear a watch all the time in college, but ever since then, I've not worn a watch anywhere. If I really need to look at the time, I check my phone. When I'm working, a watch would just get in the way… and duplicate the one at the top of my computer […]