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Merry Christmas!

That is all. The bulk of our day was spent watching some guy who shouts "Live action!" every four minutes.

Winner Is

I only see loser's here. I award 72 :doh:s to LongHorn Steakhouse.

Four Kinds of Tie Knots

The traction drive spring for the Husqvarna 10530 SBE is part #532180926.

I heard this trivia question while on hold: What King became President of the United States of America? Gerald Ford, who was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr. before being semi-adopted and changing his name on December 3, 1935.

2012's Worst Words - I'm so glad I didn't hear of many of them. 2012's Top Tech Fails. Spoiler: Apple's Maps wins. Meh, whatever. I've never had a problem with them. I'd have voted for how freaking useless and slow Siri turned out to be. Artisanal Water - Yeah, people apparently buy it. Gun nuts […]

Fixing up an Old Mustang

The Real Thing from Union HZ on Vimeo.

Larry Hagman, RIP

I'm a few days late on that, but I wanted to read and then link to this story about Larry Hagman from Mark Evanier. I will admit to watching the new Dallas, mostly in the background while I did work, and to having been a little too young to really get into it when I […]

The full article is here and worth a read. I remember spending hours making some levels in some first-person shooter games. This looks more fun. 🙂

Fixing the Electoral College

I wrote quickly about this before, but Mark Jaquith has another take on how to fix the electoral college. In short, he finds it obnoxious (as I do) that many states and worse the biggest population centers and entire regions are overlooked because they're not swing states, and people know how that state will vote. […]

Truth Seeking

"Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it." - André Gide

Competition for Kids?


Show Some Class


Electoral College Change?

I continue to think it's stupid that California gets 54 or 55 electoral college votes, despite margins that are nowhere near 100% victory for any one candidate. What would be so bad about this: - Keep the electoral college count the same way it is now. - Round to the nearest whole number the electoral […]

Ditch Daylight Savings Time

Let's just go to Swatch Time. Remember that one? Just kidding about the Swatch Time. Not kidding about ditching DST. I hate when the sun sets before 5pm. 😛