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Charlie Wilson’s War

I wasn't aware of the fact that Charlie Wilson's War was an Aaron Sorkin deal until earlier today, and I've just finished watching it. Good stuff, though I don't think it did very well at the box office… What's Sorkin working on next? I saw that he was on Facebook (and in the news for […]

Two Rounds of Golf

I played two rounds of golf the past few days in Columbus, OH while Carey shopped for scrapbooking supplies. After all, we don't have any Hobby Lobby stores near Erie, PA. My scores, as usual, are here and here. Tomorrow, I get to powerwash the deck!

Samba de Amigo

Samba de Amigo is coming to the Wii, and I'm excited. I owned two full sets of the maracas when the game existed for the Dreamcast1, and Samba de Amigo is one of about four or five games I wish I still had. The game could be instantly played by anyone, was a big hit […]

New Penguins Arena

Alan and I played Lake View Country Club earlier today. For as great as the conditioning is this year (and it's in incredible shape), the club's financial situation is not so great. Fortunately, a committee has taken some initiative, and though the plan they've proposed isn't for me, I'm hopeful that enough members sign on […]

The Wire

Any other fans of The Wire out there? I kind of "got through" the first season, and wasn't even sure I'd like it, but now I've gone through the second and have started in on the third and it's grown on me.

When Mini Golf Sucks

Feel free to complete this sentence in the comments: Mini golf sucks when ____________. Some possible answers of mine: Someone takes it way too seriously1. The supplied putters are absolutely terrible. The holes are raised up, rejecting anything that isn't dead center. There's any appreciable slope around the hole that makes the ball break six […]

Golf Weekend

Next weekend, 90 holes of golf in 2½ days. Hopefully the weather holds up. Current schedule is as follows: Thursday, July 31 - 8:00pm - Buddy arrives Friday, August 1 - 6:00am - Leave home, get food on way - 8:10am - Kennsington - 3:12pm - Lake View Saturday, August 2 - 8:30am - Fowler's […]

Michelle Wie, DQ

That Michelle Wie simply cannot catch a break. She's on her way towards her first LPGA Tour victory when it's discovered that she didn't sign her scorecard yesterday. Rules are rules, and Michelle was disqualified. Guess I'll cancel the DVR recording I had set up for tomorrow.

Carey was away on a short vacation recently to Ohio, and I stayed up late one evening to watch three movies I rented from Blockbuster (hey, I had a coupon). They were The Other Boleyn Girl (2008), Vantage Point (2007), and Definitely, Maybe (2008). All were surprisingly good. Rotten Tomatoes gives them 41%, 36%, and […]

My Thoughts on Wall-E

John Gruber nailed it: I have no idea why not. My four-and-a-half year-old son loved it. Rapt attention the entire time. That large stretches of the film have no dialog whatsoever does not make it difficult for children to follow. If anything, I've found that Jonas is much better at following stories which are told […]

iTunes = Podcasts

For well over a year now, I've not listened to much of my iTunes music. Instead, I have listened to an endless supply of podcasts, reserving my listening for the car. I think I'm going to work to cut back on the longer, less dense podcasts (like the WordPress podcast), so I can listen to […]

The Rules of Golf

I continue to be shocked and amazed at the number of golfers - and some who are fairly good players - that do not know even the most basic rules of golf. A lost ball is a stroke-and-distance penalty! Okay, calming motion… 😉

Netflix Dropping Profiles

I'm kinda ticked, and part of me doubts it's only 1% of the customers. Other responses are here.

U.S. Open in Prime Time

Are you planning to watch the U.S. Open? It's in "prime time" this weekend, though the most exciting golf might be played Thursday and Friday when Tiger Woods plays with Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott.