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Facebook’s New Profile Page

When is this "timeline" going to debut? I heard it was being held up a bit in the courts, perhaps voluntarily, but I like it and I'd like to see it for all people, not just the 10 of my friends that have "switched" via the back-channel way of "pretending to be a developer."

I saw something written somewhere I've long since forgotten, and I'm certain someone can clean this thought up quite a bit, but here it is: Apple is arguably the pioneer in: The mouse-driven UI The touch-driven UI The voice-driven UI Siri, of course, is the last of those. One could make the case that every […]

Siri Dictation Commands

CrushApps has a nice list of dictation commands. I am glad that a few of the smiley faces and things are on there. I wish I knew how to get one more - the 😀 smiley (colon-dash-D). But anyway. I will point out that I don't think the speech recognition stuff should really be called […]

Dave loaned me a Speck case (the Candyshell, I think, in black) to see if I wanted to get that kind. When he bought his iPhone 4, the AT&T guy told him it was the "best" case out there. He uses it sometimes, but more often than not uses his black Apple Bumper. Carey, the […]

iPhone -> Kid’s iPod Touch That's the plan. The kiddo has already bought her case - an Otterbox one. But the question remains: how do I "best" do this? Ideally I'd like to preserve the games that we've already purchased (my wife and I have separate iTunes accounts, of course), but if that can't be done, we'll just have […]

iOS 5 First Impressions

Related to iOS 5 (i.e. iCloud): It took about 45 minutes for the phone itself to update. The wireless, delta changes will go much more smoothly… one would hope. iCloud was down for quite awhile. I was told after finally semi-converting to wait a "few" hours, then "about an hour," and then I was able […]

iPhone 4S are Shipping

The iPhones have shipped. Carey's getting a 16 GB white iPhone and I have a 64 GB black one on the way. I still haven't decided on a case, but I note that you can create your own Speck case at Tempting… that or I'll just get the lime green bumper and be done […]


First, why isn't it "Qwixter"? Second, I get the "price adjustment." It makes sense, and though I've dropped DVDs by mail (regrettably - I simply never had the time to watch them when I had them), I retained the streaming. The creation of Qwikster virtually guarantees I will not ever sign up for both services […]

iPhone 5 Due Date?

Carey and I are both eligible for an upgrade (she has a 3G, I have a 3GS) in early July and August of this year. We'd like to upgrade. Thing is, we don't want to upgrade if the iPhone 5 is coming out by the end of the year. If it's a 2012 product, that's […]

Einstein was Right Again

Love it! Put a spinning gyroscope into orbit around the Earth, with the spin axis pointed toward some distant star as a fixed reference point. Free from external forces, the gyroscope's axis should continue pointing at the star--forever. But if space is twisted, the direction of the gyroscope's axis should drift over time. By noting […]

The higher gas prices go, the more and more and more I am seriously considering a hybrid for my next car in a few years. But where are they? Honda has a few, but not in the CR-V. Why not? It's not because only small cars are good hybrids - Toyota makes a Highlander hybrid […]

White iPhone 4

Why bother? Then again, people will buy. I'm not up for an upgrade for several months. So I'll just wait for iPhone 5. I'd buy a bright green phone. Can we do that, Apple? Custom colored phones?

Apple’s TV Plans

An iPad, but larger. You get a free "remote" which is like an iPod Touch - maybe it even is an iPod Touch - which just mirrors the on-screen display when it's showing screens of apps and which shows remote control functions when content is playing. But will they do it? Nah. Not for awhile […]

Skin Gun

Yeah, science. What's it ever done for anyone?

Cell Phone Spam

I probably knew about Internet ((Email, basically.))-to-cell-phone spam before this article from David Pogue - or maybe I read it in 2008 - but after getting my second text message spam in about seven weeks ((No, they're not really flooding in, but this is how much it annoys me.)), I did some research. On AT&T, […]