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MP3 + Radio??

Carey's mom wants an MP3 player… with an AM/FM tuner. So, forget the iPod. She has a relatively new PC. What do you suggest?

EA: It IS the Game

EA has signed a five-year agreement with the NFL for exclusive rights to use NFL players, teams, and stadiums. HOLY FREAKIN' SHIT, MAN!!! Sega's NFL2K5 series is much, much, much better, costs $19, and has ESPN behind it. And yet EA has managed to completely destroy any chance they had of eking their way into […]

Clarion iPod Car Audio

This certainly looks interesting. The tape deck in my car is acting funny, so I may have to switch to something that works soon. I'm not particularly interested in FM transmitters… And my car can't really do line-in.

Tiny Machine

I don't have a mini iPod, and the iTunes Music Store doesn't have the song used in this fan-made mini iPod ad.

Nintendo DS SDK?

Anyone know where one might acquire (purchase, get for free, whatever) a software development kit (SDK) for the Nintendo DS? I don't have any serious plans, but it might be fun just to hack around and make a simple game of Hangman or something. Some people have told me that Nintendo is giving away the […]

Nintendo DS

A few random thoughts on the Nintendo DS, which I'll apparently be picking up within about a week. Where the heck is a good DS site? One with reviews, news, previews. Don't tell me IGN or GameSpot, of course. Where? Perhaps even a blog-like site? I sure hope I'm able to play against people online. […]

The End of TiVo

You heard it here first. Or second. Or eighth. I don't have any particular attachment to TiVo, but I do pay only $4.99/mo, the thing has been as reliable as a puppy, and I think the TiVo logo is cute. Sometimes things are a bit slow, though, so if the DirecTV receivers can fix that, […]

DirecTiVo Local Channels

I'm trying to figure out how to get local channels (or at least ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX - the network stations) here on my DirecTiVo in Erie, PA. I've asked a question at the TiVo Community forums, but if anyone has any advice, feel free to post a comment here on my blog as […]

NetFlix RSS Feeds

Yay! And into PulpFiction they go… with their own label and a folder into which they will be filtered.

Camera Pole

Thinking "out loud" here… I have the Sony DCR-PC101. I'd like to create a monopod that can be shoved into the ground so that I can film myself (primarily filming my shots through a round of golf). I think that the construction should be in two parts: a base and a part that attaches to […]

Cingular Recalls Some v600s

I called Cingular to ask about their v600 recall and was told that it would be very obvious if my v600 needed repaired: I'd have 0 signal 95% of the time, I'd drop just about every call, and so on. My phone works beautifully (except that Romeo doesn't work with it).

I've "rented" and returned 19 movies in the three months I've had NetFlix. I think my first month was $19.95, and later months became $21.95. Total cost: $64. Had I rented the same movies at Blockbuster or via DirecTV Pay-Per-View, I'd have paid $3.99 apiece: about $76. Not a big savings, but fairly convenient - […]

Executive Order 12044

Executive Order 12044, intended to "Improve Government Regulations," was signed the day I was born: March 23, 1978. I know this, because I snooped around through Jimmy Carter's diary. I wonder if as many calls to government officials are not completed as were not in 1978. After all, with cell phones, who would be so […]


Anyone got a Segway they'd sell to me for $500? Now there's a flop of a product, eh? The last time I've even thought about them in the past six months was yesterday when I saw one in a movie.

MP3 Ringtones

I've got phone book groups for Friends, Family, Hotties, Work, and General (i.e. everything else). I'm now faced with the burdensome task of trying to decide which custom ringtones to assign to each group. Friends are, quite obviously, friends. They're people that I care about quite a bit and acquaintances are in "General" or "Work," […]