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MVP Baseball 2004

I bought MVP Baseball 2004 for the GameCube based on a numbe of positive reviews. I should have read more reviews. Ugh, this game is annoying. To start, you must play a "franchise" just to play a season of baseball. I don't want to manage the Pittsburgh Pirates for 10 years - I just want […]

Cool Page

I like this site: It's pretty unique, creative, and seemingly rather simple. Kudos to Ms. Brett (who, last I saw, needed a roommate at WWDC).

AIM to Cell Phone

So I don't ever lose the damn link again, it's this one. Go there to make AOL Instant Messages (AIM) go to your cell or mobile phone (or turn them off). Have I used enough keywords so I can find this one quickly the next time? AIM mobile cell phone AOL forward text message. That […]

Cingular Gets A T and Another T

AT&T is now owned by Cingular. I wonder if that means I can get my Motorola v600 (or v80) sooner? Doubt it. Better coverage? Hope so (not that I'm dissatisfied as is).

Video On-Demand

Akimbo is a new video-on-demand service. In the signup form they asked for my "content wishlist" and I supplied the answer "Fishing shows and porn. What more could any man ask for? :-)" We'll see how much fishing they actually get on there, eh? Heh.

ATI Demos

About 500 MB of downloads later, I must say that I'm quite impressed with the ATI Demos available for download. In two varieties - stand-alone and screensaver - these demos show off, well, here: The included applications highlight features of ATI's SMARTSHADER technology. ATI demonstrates its latest vertex and pixel shader generation (called Shader 2.0 […]

Where’s My Motorola v600?

Where oh where is my Motorola v600? If a phone was ever vaporware, this may be it. Motorola's site should say "Coming Soon… since 1997!" Peh. The battery life on my venerable v60 is dwindling, as is the reception quality. I need a new Cingular phone pronto, and I want it with Bluetooth, a color […]

Remote Control Helicopters

I'm looking for some information on remote control helicopters (specifically a military style one - sleek and fast and "tough" looking while still somewhat maneuverable). I want a good one (if I get one), but none of the hobby shops around my area seem to carry any in the store. As this would be my […]

Battery Leakage

Today I sat in a Target parking lot for about half an hour while my free Roadside Assistance sent a tow truck. You see, my battery leaked, and caused a short or two, and so my car didn't start. Ho hum. The tow truck driver, upon getting into his cab for the dealer, immediately launched […]

Mario Kartathon

So, the standings after a few solid hours of Mario Kart: Double Dash 38 wins: Eric and Erik (tie) 15 wins: my dog Flint 14 wins: Justin As you can see, even a dog has beaten the poor, poor play of one wee boy named Justin. Ahhh, and to think how we had to hear […]

Tiger Woods 2004

Having played Tiger Woods on the PS2 and GameCube, and on the N64 before that (I think?), I've become a pretty big fan of the series. It remains a bit more "arcadey" than I like, what with being able to change the spin of the ball in the air and all, but is the most […]

Mario Kart GameCube a Dud?

I've now read two reviews of Mario Kart for the GameCube (Double Dash! they're calling it). In all, I'm disappointed. It seems that very little was done to innovate, aside from having two players on each cart. Heck, they even removed the hop! They removed the hop!!! The tracks are dull, the multiplayer arenas are […]


Today I ordered from B&H Video a Sony Cybershot DSC-U60. The nicest feature of this camera: it's waterproof. To five feet, but since my kayak really isn't an underwater vehicle, that's fine. It should be able to put up with a bit of splashing. This purchase only reminded me how much I dislike the whole […]


Shall we simply label this person a neophyte, or a curmudgeon, and move on? People seem to be making a big deal about this new file system [WinFS, for Longhorn], as if having file metadata were going to be a giant leaping advancement for storing my files. I say "Bullshit!" I don't need or want […]


So, Pioneer has DVD-R TiVo receivers now, and they cost $1200 or $1800. They fail to allow you to add your own menus and whatnot as iDVD will, and they don't have DirecTV receivers built in. I think I'll keep my current solution for awhile…