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The SARS Genome

Saw an entry on Core/Dump today with the SARS genome. I copied it here, but I encourage you to click his link and pay him a visit. I'm archiving it here for my own amusement.

Great Artists… Copy?

I'm working on a sub-site for a client, and after delivering a design that matches his (upcoming) site, he sent me a URL to another site and basically said "copy that." Ugh. I'm fine with it. It's his site. The time I spend waffling on designs I don't bill for anyway, so this will save […]


Jon Rentzsh has an idea on how Apple may be handling all of those $0.99 minipayments. Personally, I'm quite surprised that there's no way to "bankroll" or establish "credit." I'd gladly give Apple, oh, $50 to spend in the next, oh, year or so. This would act as a governor to my own sp, and […]

Pronouncing GIF

Chris backhandedly asks how you pronounce GIF in a recent entry. I'm inclined to say that most of the time, I say it with a hard G. After all, it stands for Graphics Interchange Format, not Jraphics. Plus it's not peanut butter. However, when I say it in a sentence with the word "JPEG" I […]

Routing Issues

Interland was having routing issues for awhile this morning. [7:49am iacas@Gaia:~] % ping PING ( 56 data bytes ^C --- ping statistics --- 712459 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss Oddly enough, my neighbor (Daria), using the same ISP and the same connection (but a 24.* IP, while mine at […]

Mario Kart GameCube!

Eric Nick points out that Mario Kart for the GameCube has been announced. YES! I previously wrote about Mario Kart, but I have one question not answered by the preview page linked to above: will it allow Internet play? I'd be interested in seeing who's better: the Nickster or myself. Awesome! This starts this day […]

Succeeding as a Company

What the flying fuck does this mean: To succeed with this service, and as a company, Apple needs to tempt the other 97 percent of computer users. So I suppose the, oh, 27+ years that Apple's been in business make it a non-success? That they won't be a success until they get above 10% market […]

Software Engineers

Kasia is wondering what to call software developers. She puts forth three main titles: programmer, software engineer, and hacker. Frankly, I'm not wild about any of the three.

This Explains It

I've been noticing a lot of people signing up for the FSS Mailing List today. Now I know why. On Friday's Call For Help, the show Chris Pirillo used to run, Leo Laporte mentioned that he may show how to run a screen effect as a background this week. Brad, author of BackLight, which does […]

More is Better

I agree with Sven-S. Porst in his rebuttal of Dave Weinberger (who thought his 2.1 megapixel images were 830MB) on the issue of whether to capture larger images or smaller images from a digital camera. I've always taken my images on the highest quality setting available. I think of it as insurance. CD-Rs are cheap […]


The comments at /. are fairly positive so far. Wow. I have goosebumps. Wow. Will it happen? I don't know. But even if it doesn't happen, what's this news story already accomplished? It's reminded people of Apple's anti-DRM stance. It's reminded them of their digital hub strategy. It's reminded them of their iPod. It's reminded […]

Proving that some people are bigger geeks than others, KahunaBurger has figured out how to read his email on his TV via his TiVo. I'm still in the "can't use the home media options because I, like Vinay, have an SAT-T60.

Apple to Buy Music Company?

I wake up this morning to find that Apple in talks to buy Universal Music Group!?!?!?! According to the paper, Apple is in talks to buy Universal Music, one of the world's 'big five' record labels, from its troubled parent Vivendi. The Mac maker has yet to make a formal bid for the company, though […]


I was watching Sports Night (episode 40, "Draft Day Part 1") when Jeremy said "what is a choreoanimator?" He was asking about Jenny, his porn star girlfriend (played by the incredibly cute Paula Marshall of the now-gone Hidden Hills). I wondered what the heck a choreoanimator was as well, and so I Googled it. Turns […]

My Freedom to VPS

This site, and all of my others, will be down for about 30 minutes tomorrow morning. After that, they should reappear at the new IP: I'm not sure how long the propagation will take, but feel free to edit your hosts file after 10am EST to get to the new server. Do I expect […]