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Getting By on Minimum Wage

Executive version: you can't.

The minimum wage in this country is reprehensible. If the minimum wage had kept up with inflation it would be over $10 an hour. If it had kept up with productivity? It would be $21.72.

Seriously… wow.

Famous Guns

How many can you name without looking at the names of the characters or movies?

Famous Guns

Washington D.C. vs. Apple

Apple's lone-wolf strategy backfires. Gruber adds:

In other words, word on the street in Washington is that it's a shakedown, pure and simple. The smart move for Apple would be to just pay up, but that's sad.

Science in Schools

Science education vs. high-profile ignorance | Ars Technica

In what passes for political discourse in the US these days, state school board hearings provided citizens with the opportunity to accuse the new standards of being simultaneously fascism and socialism. The Courier-Journal quotes a Baptist minister as saying, "Outsiders are telling public school families that we must follow the rich man's elitist religion of evolution, that we no longer have what the Kentucky Constitution says is the right to worship almighty God. Instead, this fascist method teaches that our children are the property of the state."

Meanwhile, another person suggested they could be a platform for socialist genocide: "The way socialism works is it takes anybody that doesn't fit the mold and discards them… we are even talking genocide and murder here, folks."

Chartbuilder and Gneisschart

Two useful tools for quickly building charts that are usable within a CMS.

Reporting iMessage Spam

It's a KBase article, and I like it. I also like that you'll be able to BLOCK people in iOS 7.

Don’t Be Evil

I wonder if they regret ever putting that out there.

Russian Phone Theft Thwarted

I call fakesies.

Southwest Crash Landing

I like Southwest - a lot, actually. They are friendly, funny, and don't charge for baggage. I don't like the way they board planes, but it has its advantages, too.

This, however, is a sad tale: a Southwest plane crash landed, and then things were stolen from the passenger luggage before being returned. Shame on the Southwest employees (very little shame on Southwest - I don't think they could have trained everyone there to handle that kind of situation very well).

Slowing Down Time

When you're old, things seem to rush by. Why?

Possible answer: because we stop learning.

It’s simple: if you want time to slow down, become a student again. Learn something that requires sustained effort; do something novel.

Institute for Creation Research is Hiring!

ICR, together with the rest of the creation science movement, has made great strides in the last 40 years. In many areas, the superiority of the creation worldview has been clearly demonstrated. Even now, ICR is making exciting discoveries in the fields of biology and geology, and we have started new research initiatives in the field of astronomy. However, there is much work that still needs to be done, and this work is hindered by a lack of trained scientists.

Ya don't say?!?!?!

19 Bizarre Facts About Playboy

Kait Weston and American Idol

This article on Kait Weston parlaying her YouTube success into a career reminds me of what my friend Dave always says about American Idol: it's genius, because the buying public is literally voting on what they'll buy. It's irrelevant what the judges think - they're for show - the voting public is constantly refining their choice, week after week, guaranteeing at least some level of success to the recording company.

Wearing the Same Clothes Every Day

Steve Jobs did it.

Einstein supposedly did it.

Even Charlie Brown did it.

So did this woman, for a year, and she wrote about it.

Newton Devices

I still have an eMate 300, and this article explores connecting one to Mac OS X.

I miss the handwriting recognition. It was quite good, Simpsons jokes aside… Or, let me put it this way: it was less frustrating than Siri speech recognition and network availability.