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Kickstarter Project for iPhone Owner Golfers (Or Other Activities)

Back this Project on Kickstarter, please. I'd like to see it get funded. 🙂

Hugh Laurie… Singing

That was unexpected. I can't sing for crap.

The Builder’s High

I'm picking up what he's putting down.

Siracusa Grades Apple’s Year (2013)

John Siracusa graded Apple's year based on his list from February 2.

You'll have to click through to read his thoughts, but his grades and any short comments I have are below:


Every now and then I feel like I "miss" MacsBug, but really I am just remembering an earlier OS. In no way do I actually miss MacsBug.

China’s Elite Pigeon Racing

Who knew?

Safe Driving in the Snow

What not to do:

Snowy Car

Where’s the Best Place for Sports Team Patches

I'd like to buy two sew-on patches each of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Pirates, and Steelers. Ideally they'd be about 4" x 4".

What's the best place to buy them?

On Not Having Goals

The uploader's goal: squish the heck out of the video. Goal achieved!

Mentos to the Moon

A letter sent by NASA:

NASA letter.(Larger image)




The beginning of an email. I've gotten a few of these, and absolutely none of them strike me as "obvious."

Perhaps the fact that they're all found in my spam folder is what is supposed to make the sender "obviously" a "professional social media business manager?"


My Christmas Present to You

Don't watch it if you're aggravated by cursing. The other Nerd3 videos are funny, too, but this may be the funniest.

Cheap Ham

Less than a penny per pound!

Cheap Ham


The Indiegogo project for "Lowest Score Wins" has been successfully funded!

Thank you!

P.S. Suck it, Kickstarter, and your made-up-as-you-go, ever-changing, inconsistent rules.

Samsung’s Creepy Ad

Uhm… WTF?