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Kickstarter Wallets

If you've ever wondered why there are so many wallets on Kickstarter, they've published an article on that.

Wallets are a perennial around here: one of a handful of products you’ll consistently see at least two or three of on the site, well on their way to being funded, any time you look. Minimalist wallets, leather billfolds, elastic card-holders, carbon-fiber money clips, CNC-machined metal wallets, wallets made out of everything from superlight Tyvek to fabric from vintage men’s ties. (The ties were Laura Skelton’s idea: her Jetsam wallet was the first ever funded on Kickstarter.) There are enough wallets that while we were working on this article, Businessweek called us up to ask about them, and published this.

FWIW, I'm still very happy with my MoneyClamp clip/wallet.

Working from Home

Working from Home:

The main problem you’ll encounter when working from home is… well, you. We need constraints in order to reinforce productive behaviour. The idea of a work ethic goes out the window for most people when no-one is looking over your shoulder. Some people can just work diligently, regardless of whether anyone is checking up on them. That’s fantastic. Most of us, however, need some help.

Slacking off (regularly) when working from home is always self-defeating. Either the boss will notice and stop you working from home (or fire you), or if you’re the boss, you’ll suffer everything from shame to the collapse of your business. The secret to working from home is to work, and the secret to working is to have enforced boundaries.

I do a pretty good job of this, though I can always get better.

If you think working from home is easy, then you've probably never run your own business from home. I'm sometimes (only sometimes) envious of the people who can "leave work at work." When your work is right upstairs, or on your lap, you can never really get away from it unless you leave your home. And even then, it's tough, with iPhones and texting and whatnot.

P.S. Self Control may come in handy as well. But it's also somewhat dangerous if you don't know how to edit your /etc/hosts and ipfw lists.

Gyroscopic Precession

Very well done video. The bike tire example is nicely done.

So What’s the Question?

Irrational? What's the question? I don't see it.

Also, I don't think "being offended by something in which you don't believe" is the proper framing of the situation. Would Christians be offended if instead of "under God" was replaced by "under Buddha" or "under Allah"? Probably, and justifiably so.

P.S. I don't consider myself an atheist.

The Importance of Defensive Driving

Don't assume that everyone else is going to drive properly. Others make mistakes, but you can avoid accidents by driving defensively.

Smart ED Acceleration

One gear = no shifting.

I've roasted my fair share of "fast" cars within a city block…

My One Hope for iOS 8?

You know what it is?

That the damn Siri realizes my name is spelled "Erik" - not only on my iPhone, but on the friends who iMessage me or who say my name in other contexts.

Perhaps the type-ahead stuff will help with that.

I've always found it ridiculous that my iPhone couldn't be trained to spell my own name properly.

Halt and Catch Fire

Looking forward to this:

And the background info on the name, of course…

Nat’s First U.S. Kids Golf Event

Yesterday Nat played in her first U.S. Kids Golf local "tour" event.

Stupidly, we arrived at the course at 12:30, because tee times started at about 1:20. Unfortunately, her tee time was 4:47… so we went to Boston Market and to a driving range to kill some time, then came back to the course at about 3:50.

The course for 10-11 year-olds is 1900 yards or so over nine holes. That's an average hole length of about 225 yards. There were two par fives (280, 330), and two par threes (95, 75), but the rest of the holes were about 225. The rough was THICK and the fairways were quite narrow.

MediaTemple Server Health – Yellow to Red?

I think it's the fact that I'm running a virtual dedicated host, but these kinds of things aggravate me: why is my server status "red" when I'm barely using any of the CPU or Memory?

Quad Copters (Again)

Phantom 2 Vision+ | DJI

Getting Started with the DJI Phantom 2

QuadCopter for my Birthday? Still waiting. Here's to 2015?

Amazon Screwing with Publishers, Authors

As Publishers Fight Amazon, Books Vanish.

Maybe the U.S. Government should go after Apple again.


Michael Tsai on What Backblaze Doesn't Back Up:

My other concern is that Backblaze doesn't actually back up everything. It fails all but one of the Backup Bouncer tests, discarding file permissions, symlinks, Finder flags and locks, creation dates (despite claims), modification date (timezone-shifted), extended attributes (which include Finder tags and the "where from" URL), and Finder comments. Arq, CrashPlan (as of version 3), SuperDuper, and Time Machine all support all of these. Dropbox supports all of them except creation dates, locks, and symlinks.

That was particularly interesting given John Gruber's canned promos about how it's built by former Apple engineers. Were they good Apple engineers, because that metadata matters.

I'm still using CrashPlan and it's been working beautifully, so far as I can tell.

Update your eBay Password

They had a security breach. Log on and update your eBay password if you haven't already.

That is all for this public service announcement.

AT&T Buying DirecTV for $48.5B

AT&T to Buy DirecTV for $48.5 Billion in Move to Expand Clout

I'm a long-time subscriber to both. I wonder if that will benefit me at all.