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How I Created the Iconic iPhone Sound

Also titled: The History of the "Boo-Dah-Ling" Sound.


Shell Scripting Primer

If you know a programming language, but don't know how to craft your own shell scripts, this resource from Apple is for you.

iPhones Benefit Google More than Android

As much as Apple will benefit from getting new customers with an entry level iPhone that benefits their ecosystem so will Google. We know Google makes more on iOS than Android and interestingly an entry level iPhone will likely help Google’s bottom line as well.

On Being Apple-y

After yesterday's post on "Being Googley" what better than a post on "being Apple-y"?

On Being “Googley”

The Meanings of Googliness talks about what it means to be a Google employee.

One of the first comments?

But really dude? On what planet is the biggest invader of privacy in the history of the planet ‘not evil’?

Uh, yup.

One Second on the Internet

Every Second on the Internet is worth a few of your seconds.

Explaining the iBooks Lawsuit

TidBITS has a great explanation that makes everything pretty clear.

Apple isn't evil, and the industry may have gone this route in the end, but how they got there wasn't without fault or blame.

Siri in iOS 7 – Still Can’t Spell My Own Damn Name Properly

Siri takes initiative to learn how to pronounce names in iOS 7.

Great. Big freakin' deal.

Siri still can't spell the word "Erik" any way other than "Eric," on my phone or the phones of my friends, and there's no way to teach it to do so.

If your name is Michele with one "l"? Tough beans. You're out of luck and perpetually doomed to have your phone, who knows you are the contact and who can pronounce your name just fine, constantly misspelling your name.

The Moment of Impact – An Inside Look at Titleist Golf Ball R&D


The part at about 2:00 is particularly… something.

World War II in Europe – Every Day

Fascinating to watch.

How Discs Fly – A Beginner’s Guide to Disc Golf

A good video (albeit SUPER corny) for beginners:

Read Receipts

Ars writer Casey Johnston on Why I hate read receipts:

The cases above are real, but it's safe to say that most messages are written to be responded to. Therefore, when someone doesn't respond to your message, it can be a blow to your ego. What was wrong with what you said? Too flip? Too harsh? Too dumb? Too boring? Has the conversation been boring the entire time and you didn't notice? Have you been bored this entire time but just didn't have the wherewithal to end the conversation first? Curse that other person for being braver than you and cutting ties first! You are now the hanger-on, just slightly more desperate than before.

A commenter adds:

The fact that I know if someone got my message to pick-up something important while they're in town is far, far more valuable to me than the potential for some BS social awkwardness as the author suggests.

Lavabits – Snowden’s Email Provider – Closes

Lavabit, email service Snowden reportedly used, abruptly shuts down - Boing Boing.

Repeat Smartphone Buyers


"Previous smartphone owners buy Apple iPhones much more than first-time owners," according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. "Almost 50 percent of previous owners buy an iPhone, while under one-third of first-time owners buy an iPhone."

In other words, as more and more people become "previous smartphone owners," things are looking up. 🙂