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Spam: It’s Not Just For Dinner Anymore

Spam. It's not just for dinner anymore… it's for dinner, lunch, breakfast, and, if my case is considered normal (it's not), it's for while you're sleeping. I receive about 350 emails per day. A little under half are spam. If I had to sort through spam at a pretty fast rate of one second per spam, I'd lose about three minutes per day. Multiply that out by a year, and all of a sudden I'm down about a thousand minutes. In hours, that's an entire waking day (plus some - 18.25 hours to be exact)!

Pretend You’re a Hoodlum

Want to pretend you're Madonna, Beck, No Doubt, or Tony Hawk? Apple now lets you.

Get 'em while they're hot, kids.


Fanatical Support

Interland recently deleted some very precious files from /usr/home/barzeski (my main user) on my Freedom Unix (FreeBSD) box which hosts this site (and every other one). I called their tech support line (their email system being ineffective) and spoke with someone who may as well have stuck his index finger between his lips and hummed while wiggling it back and forth.

Christmas in July

imisssnow.jpgThe problem with Florida - well, one of them anyway - for me as a northern boy is that it's currently 80 degrees outside. While this may not seem like such a bad thing, I should also point out that it's December 10…

Fucking Florida though. I love walking around in shorts. I love it. The less clothes the better. But couldn't it get cold for a month out of the year? And I don't mean Florida cold (mid sixties), I mean PA cold (about 10... without wind chill). I miss that stuff. I miss snow. I miss cold. I miss shivering. Ahhh, and hot chocolate. It just doesn't have the same appeal when you're sweating in your boxer shorts before you drink it.

I Hate Perl

I hate perl. I really really do. Sometimes. And yet, I realize it's a powerful thing. I realize it actually DOES something with the billions of bytes it downloaded to my server just a few hours ago. Granted, I'm not sure where Perl 5.8.0 WENT after it downloaded, configured, and installed itself (the server still runs 5.0x)... but that's beside the point I guess...