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Version 1.0.2 is now available for download! Changes since 1.0.1: Added an option to set the default toolbar action for the Share This item to any of the options. Added a dock menu item to fetch new articles. Added a menu item to the article preview pane's contextual menu to show linked content. Added [[articleColorName]] […]

Cyndicate 1.0.2 is coming along on Monday of next week. In addition to a funny registration bug (it would display negative day counts), a negative count, some stylesheet fixes, and other little bugs, there's a minor speed bump and other small fixes included. If you've set your Cyndicate's update preferences to check daily, you should […]

Cyndicate (and Scorecard) users should make sure they drop in to the Cynical Peak Forum.

I'm considering picking up an iPhone well in advance of any official AT&T takeover of Cellular One. The reason? Cyndicate may have some features coming that need the testing capabilities. I don't know, though… it'll be tough to justify the $60/month as a test unit. Perhaps I can just cancel my account after signing up […]

I'm pleased to announce that we've set up a coupon code for registered PulpFiction users to get a copy of Cyndicate at 20% savings. To get the coupon code, please send an email to Include your name, email address, and PulpFiction registration code.

Some more Cyndicate tips for you: If you hold down the option key, "Mark Unread" and "Delete" become "Mark All Unread" and "Delete All." There are a few contextual menus. Give them a try. Clicking the "Share This" toolbar icon quickly will prepare an email. Not a Cyndicate tip per se, but if you want […]

Some quick thoughts on Cyndicate: If you'd like a blank database, you can get one here. No, we don't include an inline browser. We left this out on purpose. Why re-invent the wheel? People use a variety of browsers these days, so why limit them to a WebKit one? Browsers support session saving and all […]

Cyndicate, or PulpFiction 2.0 as some might call it, is now available. Previously known as Iris on this blog, Cyndicate brings some pretty nifty features to a PulpFiction-like feed reader. Ratings One of the coolest features is ratings. If we can use Bayesian methods to determine whether email is spam or not, why not apply […]

Cyndicate will be released on August 1. All that means is that I've got a lot of work to do on Sunday writing the user guide. 🙂

Jesper is starting a small campaign for Cocoa (and really all Mac developers) to be resolution independent as of November 29, 2007. Iris (Cyndicate) is mostly resolution independent already. We have only a few small tweaks left, but our icons and things were all done in sizes up to 4x as large as the current […]

If anyone is interested in developing some themes, perhaps which can be built-in, for a new feed aggregator/reader/thingamajig, please contact me via email (see sidebar, and please don't use GMail). The advantage or perk of doing this is that, at the bottom of every article using your theme, you can put something like "theme design […]

I'm looking for a Windows developer capable of porting Scorecard to Windows. I don't care what language is used (so long as it's not too far out there). There's more information here, but here are the highlights: Should work somewhat like the Mac version. This is a port, not a grounds-up rewrite. The Mac (Cocoa) […]

We're accepting a second wave of beta testers for Iris, the RSS reader follow-up to PulpFiction. If you're interested, IM me or email me (see contact me sidebar).

In using an NSToolbar, we have a few items that move when the option key is held down because the name of the item changes. For example, one toolbar item changes from "Do It" to "Do It All" when the option key is held down. Currently, we're using a bit of a hack to keep […]

I've gotta call bullshit on this one: Clearly offline unlock codes aren't a viable solution at all. Relying on "honesty" is a huge mistake. I said this two years ago and I still believe it: Incidentally, Freshly Squeezed Software's approach to piracy … is, basically, to ignore piracy. We always tried, at FSS, to make […]