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As of right now, Cynical Peak has no plans to add a mobile version of Scorecard even for the simple task of entering in round statistics while you're on the golf course. Why? Apple still has not provided a way to sync via the one method every iPhone and iPod Touch user is guaranteed to […]

Scorecard 1.3 is now available for download for both Mac and Windows! The main star of this release is the new "Best vs Worst" table in the stats window. The new table presents a comparison of key performance indicators which allow you to quickly and easily see what part of your game goes wrong when […]

From Adriaan in the ecto support forums: The official announcement will be made soon (once we've moved and set up the infrastructure), but yes, I've sold ecto to illumineX for a variety of reasons I will explain in a blog post accompanying the official announcement. It's a move that's definitely for the best. I'm also […]

The latest (beta 5) version of the iPhone SDK was released, and in a move that surprises absolutely nobody, synchronizing (or even copying) with a desktop app is still not possible. There is still no way to even copy data from a desktop app to the iPhone (or vice versa). The most likely avenue for […]

Jared Kuolt has published a good, in-depth review of Rivet. The conclusion is the best part in my opinion <grin>: It's not often that I spend money on software, but products like Rivet that show an unrivaled level of polish make the decision easy. I want it to work without hassle, and Rivet delivers just […]

Rivet 1.0 Released

Cynical Peak has released Rivet, software for your Mac that will allow you to stream movies, music, and photos to your Xbox 360. This is the 1.0 release, and our software does several things another unnamed piece of software can't do: Rivet lets you share movies from iTunes, iPhoto, and an unlimited number of specified […]

We need a tagline for Rivet. If you would like a free copy, suggest the winning tagline or slogan. Rivet is of course a soon-to-be-released application that streams media (photos, videos, and movies) from your Mac to your Xbox 360.

Cyndicate 1.2 is now available for download from either Cyncial Peak's website or the in-application Sparkle auto-update whiz-bang-a-ma-thing. As with all Cyndicate point releases, this is a free update for all Cyndicate users. This release is mainly bug fixes with a few nice new features added in like posting to twitter and better control over […]

Rivet, Cynical Peak's software for connecting your Mac to your Xbox 360 to stream movies, music, and photos, is coming along well. We have one more beta to release (most likely) and then we'll begin selling it. Cyndicate is going to be bumped to version 1.2 shortly. We've made a dramatic improvement to startup speed […]

If you're into college basketball (no, and no for me personally) as well as some great Mac software (yes, duh!), then you might be interested in entering Cynical Peak's March Madness contest. As for my entry, uhh, just give me the top seeds in every game with a few 13-over-5 type upsets. 🙂

This summarizes my iPhone SDK experience: In other words, after installing the iPhone SDK, I experienced massive screen artifacts. Behind the mess on-screen here is Safari. I used Time Machine to restore my /System/Library/Extensions folder (the iPhone SDK installs several kexts), rebooted, and all is well. I doubt I'll be doing much iPhone development anyway […]

I have only one iPhone SDK question: Is it possible and/or easy to synchronize data with desktop computers? I ask because the first application we intend to make for the iPhone is an add-on for Scorecard. It will allow users to enter their stats on the golf course, then ideally to "synchronize" them with the […]

Brad, on his personal blog, is posting a few Cyndicate tips. The first article deals with granularity (i.e. "articles" are better than "feeds") while the second deals with organization. NewsFire went free this week, which is fine. It's a fine app if you subscribe to a few items. We believe Cyndicate still has its place […]

Delicious Cut and Run

I agree with most of what Matt Ball has to say in this article. The people of whom he speaks seem to develop software because they feel they can make money from it, not because they personally need the software. Building software you yourself would and do use is one of the keys to long-term […]

In no particular order… Free Software for Apple Employees If you're an Apple employee (with an or email address), simply drop by to claim a free copy of Cyndicate or Scorecard (or both!). It's our gift to Apple employees for all the hard work they've put in, and it doesn't matter if […]