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Another PulpFiction icon, another rejection. I'm beginning to feel bad for our icon designer, but he's a big boy, and he can take it. I'm not sure what's up with this one. It seems to combine the worst elements of previous icons. I blame myself: I apparently wasn't very clear. Instead, I've given the icon […]

It's great to have reviews of your software. It's better yet to have reviews of software in a language you understand. Fortunately, je parle un peu français! Yes, a Booklet review in French. They've gotten the price confused with iWipe at $14 (it's $8), but that's an easy one to fix. P.S. Translated to English […]

100 bounces to remove from our mailing list. A few hundred iChem registrations to send out to customers who bought iChem 1.0 through 1.2 (1.3 uses a new registration scheme). A quick fix to iChem 1.3 (reposted) because things like "H2O" wouldn't calculate. A bug found in MailDrop 1.3 that seems to prevent some people […]

FSS Updates Galore

Tonight saw the updating of several of Freshly Squeezed Software's products: FTPeel was updated to version 1.1b1 with SFTP and FTP-SSL support. MailDrop was updated to version 1.3 with WebKit support. iChem was updated to version 1.3 with Panther support. Booklet was updated to version 1.2 with Panther support. BackLight was updated to version 2.0 […]

As I prepare for a full day of work on what should be a "day off," I've come to the realization that I simply haven't got the time to run Cocoa Dev Central anymore. So, one of three things can occur: I sell the site to someone who will maintain it. I keep the site […]

PHP Syntax Checking

PHP Syntax Checking in BBEdit. Just bookmarking that for later. Things I've gotta do tonight: move a few months of customer data to some FileMaker databases. It's not going to be fun. Not at all. I will be spending much time in AppleScript. 🙂

BackLight 2.0

When Freshly Squeezed Software introduces its new site (coming in less than a week), it will do so with updated versions of the following software: BackLight (2.0) Terminal Pal (2.0) MailDrop (1.3) FTPeel (1.1 beta) iChem (1.3) Booklet 1.2 Missing from this list is Recent Tunes (2.0), for which I'll have to beat Jason. BackLight […]


Let's get into it quickly: Do you really believe: [[[MyClass alloc] init:[foo bar]] autorelease] is easier to read or write than: MyClass.alloc().init( ).autorelease() Yes, I do. Some others from the list on which I have comments follow.

Xcode Build Sounds

Great tip! defaults write PBXBuildSuccessSound FILE.wav defaults write PBXBuildFailureSound FILE.wav If you're using Project Builder, then substitute "ProjectBuilder" where you find "Xcode".

Redesign: FSS

I've completed (in Photoshop CS, now that I have it) a new mockup for Freshly Squeezed Software's Web site. If you're curious, click the picture to the right. This is most easily compared with the current MailDrop page. The FSS site has received a lot of compliments over the years. Yes, it's quite true that […]

More on Zinio

I've previously mentioned Zinio on this blog, and its shortcomings, but as I read through my free copy of Mac Developer Journal, I'm appalled by a few other issues. The magazine opens to a glowing review of Zinio in the form of an editorial. Derrick Story says that Zinio is the best way to distribute […]

Mac Developer Journal

I'm not sure if I should subscribe to Mac Developer Journal, but there's a discussion here that'd dissuaded me at least a little bit. Hell, I didn't even know there was a new development magazine available until I read that entry. Am I out of it? Eek! 🙂 Anyone seen the first edition? I'm not […]

Declining a Job

I declined a job offer yesterday. A job offer made by a friend at my insistence. Early on in the proceedings, I was very eager to join up, but as details became evident - including the state of their offices, their pay structure, the hours they wished me to work, and so on, it became […]

XCode Scripts

Some useful scripts for XCoders can be found by following this method courtesy of my friend Brad: Copy the contents of /Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/ExampleScripts/ to ~/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/. The startup item builds the User Scripts menu and then the scripts in the scripts folder get added. If you want more info on scripting and the […]

Cease and Desist

Developing software has its ups and downs. Today, Freshly Squeezed Software got a call from a woman regarding a trademark on which we'd supposedly infringed. I reworded the language on a page or two, and all should be well in the world. The wording wasn't particularly important, and the product was our cheapest, so I […]