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Memories of Steve

Memories of Steve, by Don Melton.

I'm not going to quote anything. Just go read it.

Understanding Heartbleed

This is about the simplest - and one of the best - explanations available: xkcd: Heartbleed Explanation.

How to Coil Cables

Funny Software Bugs

Michael Tsai with a short list of Funniest Software Bugs. The first is quite good…

Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain

The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain

If you do nothing else, do step 1.

Bad Facebook. Bad.

Silicon Valley TV Show

iWork Updates (5.2, 2.2)

The Second iWork ’13 Update introduces a lot of nice things.

Hopefully, this indicates that iWork is not languishing as it did for many years.

Michael Tsai shares a tip about searching the iTunes store via Alex Heath. A LaunchBar shortcut for it is:*.

This is a Generic Brand Video

Pretty much pegged it.

45,000 Words on the Making of Threes

45,000 Words on the Making of Threes. Well worth the time to read if you have the time to read it. :-)

Writing in the First Person Amidst a Book Written by “Us”

A friend and I are writing a book. It's called Lowest Score Wins, and it's nearly done. We launched it with an Indiegogo campaign last December.

It's a book written by two people, and as such, we use the word "we" quite often. Yet… there are plenty of parts of the book that can only be told by one of the authors. An "I" segment.

How do you work these into the book?

You're going along saying "we we we we we" (all the way home!) and then suddenly, you want to relate an "I" story. How?

Help with WordPress Sales and Membership Plugins

In the next month or two, Dave Wedzik and I plan to begin selling our book, Lowest Score Wins, via the website

We'll have two products (a paperback and a hardcover), so we want a little store that integrates with PayPal (preferably) to handle sales with shipping to the U.S., Canada, and other countries (probably flat rate to the U.S., flat rate to Canada, and flat rate to "rest of the world"). We may have more than two products if it's simpler to create a "product" for "5 Paperbacks."

We'd also like to create a "member's section" of the site. Members won't need to pay anything (though that may be nice in the future), they'll simply need to enter a secret that we print in the book in order to register an account. Anyone with a registered account can then see the "members-only" content.

What are my options? The main part of the site will be relatively simple. I'm comfortable with WordPress, and we have some themes that will work quite nicely, so I'd like to consider leaning towards WordPress plugins for each of the two functions above.

Any ideas?

Tiger’s out of the Masters with Back Surgery

What a great joke this would have been… if only Tiger and Augusta National had a sense of humor.

Seriously, though, the guy couldn't announce this yesterday?!?!

HIMYM Series Finale

Initially I was surprised by the ending. After about two minutes, I came to the conclusion agh which I think I'll remain: the ending was perfect.

Though HIMYM suffered from some average seasons (or episodes, at least), it was a great nine-year run and one of my favorite TV series of all time.

And the ending was perfect. Timing matters. Cherish those you can when you can.

Odd Page Breaks in Pages

I'm using Pages to write a book (because the thought of using Word makes my skin crawl a little bit), but two things are quite annoying. The first is how Pages treats keyboard shortcuts like option-delete, or shift-arrow, and similar. Oftentimes it edits or selects (or deletes) text after the insertion point, even though you're deleting or selecting to the left or up.

The second is less of a daily annoyance and more of something I want to be mindful of: there seems to be no way to "insert odd page break" in Pages. Perhaps Pages is simply not built for writing a book, in the end, because books have odd-numbered pages on the right, and you don't want a new chapter to start on the left-hand side of a page. Word's "Insert -> Odd Page Break" menu handles that for you, even as the page numbers change during editing.

Pages simply has no capacity for this.

If it does, and I'm somehow missing it, I'll be quite grateful if someone can tell me how.

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