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Sorkin. I'm in.

Might even order HBO for it. :-P

Speaking of Spelling…

I'm tired of people spelling my name "Eric." If you're a professional, and you're sending me an email, you look like a moron when you type "Eric" given that my name probably appears about four times within a few inches of the place where you type "Eric."

I double-check when sending email to "John"s to make sure it's not "Jon" or "Johnn" or something.

Spelling and Intelligence

I've never met a super-intelligent person who doesn't spell well and who doesn't have a disability like dyslexia. I realize that they're out there, and that perhaps I've simply not met them yet, but most super-intelligent people read a lot, and I think that helps them to become better spellers, along with a sort of perfectionistic streak or tendency.

Kill the Penny!!!

Canada Kills Its Penny; Can We Please Be Next?

Pretty please?1


  1. I just said that two posts in a row, yes.

April 1 on a Sunday

Does this mean we can escape the normal boringness of various sites having pranks? Pretty please? Have any of them ever actually been funny?

Sports Blackouts

Good piece by Gedeon called "Why Won't TV Sports Blackouts Just Die Already?"

I haven't had a game I've wanted to see blacked out in years, but I only care about Pittsburgh sports (no basketball) and rarely get the chance - or have the interest for the past 20 years - in watching the Pirates.

CopyPastePro Bugs the Crap Outta Me

While looking for an alternative to ClipMenu I found CopyPastePro.

Unfortunately, I hate three things about it that almost make it a deal breaker:

  • Inability to use a separate keyboard shortcut (like ctrl-cmd-v). CopyPastePro forces cmd-opt-ctrl-v, which is 10x as difficult as ctrl-cmd-v.
  • It misses or prevents the occasional copy. I'll copy a URL, for example, and close the browser window. The "Edit" menu will flash and everything (cmd-C) so I know I copied it, but the copied URL is not on my clipboard or in CopyPastePro. I may have closed my browser window, making retrieval difficult. This happens A LOT. Around 33-50% of the time a lot.
  • I hate the clip browser. I loved the way ClipMenu would show a menu in place and let me choose the one I wanted. So much more straightforward than the stupid clip browser.

CopyPastePro offers Clip Palettes, but I don't like them floating around on screen nor do I like accidentally displaying them. I prefer ClipMenu's method - a menu appears right beneath your mouse pointer. The keyboard or your mouse pointer may be used to navigate. CopyPastePro can move the mouse pointer TO the clip menu but that's awkward.

Why did I stop1 using ClipMenu? Because after awhile it seems to stop adding items copied to the clipboard to its menu. I don't notice it until it's too late, and development stopped quite a few years ago. The author's last post to Twitter was ~680 days ago.

In short: CopyPastePro does 10x what I need and is thus 10x as annoying and fraught with problems and bugs.


  1. This is not entirely accurate. I still use it, in fact - I'm just annoyed that it doesn't always work. The alternatives, sadly, are worse.

Power of Keynote for Web Design

People apparently use Keynote as a design/mockup tool for web development (and other things).


Me, I'm just hoping Keynote, Pages, and Numbers get an update for 10.8. They're feeling a bit long in the tooth. Still the best, but let's see what the next iteration gives us.

Bezos Finds Shuttle Engines

I like it when really really rich people spend their money on things that benefit more than just themselves.

NASA is one of the few institutions I know that can inspire five-year-olds. It sure inspired me, and with this endeavor, maybe we can inspire a few more youth to invent and explore.

Screwing with People via Quadruplets

For our latest mission we filled a New York park with eight sets of identical quadruplets, creating a surreal experience for anyone who happened to be walking through the park.

Caine’s Arcade

Life’s Too Short

"Life is too short to be little. Man is never so manly as when he feels deeply, acts boldly, and expresses himself with frankness and with fervor."
- Benjamin Disraeli

Partnership or LLC or What-Have-You?

I have a partner in a business. Our shares aren't equal, but we'd like to set up a business (like an LLC or something, to protect us individually from liability). We're paid a sum of money once each month, and the next day, we'd each withdraw our percentage to our personal bank accounts.

I don't want to have to file corporate taxes - the "company" would never incur any expenses on its own, it'd never carry a balance for more than a day or so at a time, and all money would be disbursed, at the set percentages, to two people.

Is this possible?

P.S. I live in PA, my partner lives in CA.

Yay, I’m 34

30/31/32 are your early 30s, then 33-36 are definitely your mid-30s. Maybe "early" excludes 30 and covers 31-33, but in either case, as of today, I'm in my mid-30s for sure.

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