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Steve’s Funniest Moments

Carefully Choosing Words

Watch at 2:20 and after hearing the challenge Ive talks about the importance of being careful with the words you choose when thinking of design because they alone can influence the outcome.

It's true in more than design.

Sincerity and Stupidity

"It is dangerous to be sincere unless you are also stupid." - George Bernard Shaw

Unfortunately that's true more often than it should be. :(

iMovie Error -49 When Exporting

If you're getting an error code -49 when exporting a movie from iMovie, turn off Time Machine temporarily.

Homosexuality – Nature or Nurture?

Correct me where I'm wrong.

There's a strong biological component to homosexuality in human beings.

Nature (or "choice") plays a small role.

There's no one "gay gene" or anything, but human sexuality is a complex mix of things, but genetics and biology play an incredibly large role in determining someone's hetero- or homo-sexuality.

The Spinball Grip

What to Do When Xcode Beachballs: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+Period

Love it!

Running Shoes and “Bounciness”

At first glance you might think "gee, I need to get some of those shoes!"

But in reality, I'm again reminded of a study where people jumped from various heights onto a bed of cushioning below. The cushioning was the same, but when told the cushioning was firmer, they'd land more softly, and when told the cushioning was softer, they'd land more firmly - they stopped using their bodies to cushion themselves naturally, relying on the "softness" of the cushioning to do it for them.

I'm reminded of a second study where forces were measured with the same group of people wearing shoes and going barefoot. As you would expect, when running barefoot the people landed less forcefully and cushioned themselves more naturally and delivered far fewer forces up their bodies than before.

End result: it may actually be quite a bit safer (less force delivered up your legs to your knees and hips and back) to run with less padding than more.

Walking - and standing around - is a different story altogether.

Designing the Packaging-Free Future

A good article: Designing the Packaging-Free Future | Wired Design |

What has impressed me about Apple for the past ten years is that they're relentlessly reducing packaging while almost simultaneously improving (or at least maintaining) the "unboxing experience."

I don't know of another company that can say the same thing, or is even close to being on the same level.

Steady Income Beats a Buyout

Bobby Bonilla apparently knows this.

SAN JUAN, P.R.—One year from today*, the Mets will add to their payroll a 47-year-old, past-his-prime power hitter who has a reputation as a malcontent—a player who has been retired from professional baseball for nine years and won't play another game again.

Nevertheless, starting on July 1, 2011, Bobby Bonilla will remain on the franchise's payroll for 25 years, collecting an annual salary of $1,193,248.20. Those are the terms the Mets agreed to Jan. 3, 2000, when they bought out the final year of Mr. Bonilla's contract.

* The article is from 2010.

It's incredible that the Mets would choose to pay $30M instead of $6M. Then again, maybe the owners were figuring they wouldn't own the team down the road and were able to foist the balloon payments onto someone else.

Methods for Inexpensive Airline Tickets?

What are the best ways to score the least expensive airline tickets?

For example, if I fly to San Diego from Erie, PA on April 11 and want to return on April 15, when should I buy the tickets? What day, using what methods?

I know to spoof a Windows browser. I've heard that. How far out do you buy them? Wait until the week before, or get them well in advance? Does the day of the week matter (the days I'm flying can't really be changed, though I could come back on a Tuesday instead of a Monday if it's going to save enough money).

New Physical Flight Contender Bag

Sharing on Dropbox

Good stuff: The right way to share a file or bunch of files using Dropbox. I happened to know all of this, and use Dropbox fairly extensively, but it's a short read and you may learn something.

Dropbox would really do well to add some sort of ability to let people SEE the contents, use them, copy them, etc., but only allow certain people ADD or DELETE contents. That'd be nice.

It's really annoying when you're part of a shared folder and someone deletes all the files because they drag them to a different location on their computer.

The NHL Should Switch to Three-Point Games

Much more is written about this here, but basically:

Regulation Time Win: 3 Points
Overtime/Shootout Win: 2 Points
Overtime/Shootout Loss: 1 Point
Regulation Time Loss: 0 Points

DO IT! :)

Master Pickpocket at Work

Holy cow. This makes Parker on Leverage look small time.

Pebbles are Shipping

Pebbles are shipping! And here's the review from The Verge. I don't know when my two will ship (I have an arctic white and a jet black coming), but I hope they ship soon. :)

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