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Reliving the Early 1990s Pittsburgh Pirates

Now I can!

MLB Opens Its Vault to Destroy Your Productivity

What Months?

What months have 28 days?

All of them! :)

Monetizing Planes and Conveyor Belts

If I could monetize planes and conveyor belts I'd be rich!

That page is still getting traffic. Maybe that proves that there IS an idiot born every minute. šŸ˜›

A Peculiar Test Drive

I really hope to be able to afford a Tesla (i.e. I hope they become less expensive) some day, but these three posts tell an interesting tale of media bias. Why a journalist would be biased against electric cars I have no idea, but… there you have it.

Brooks PureDrift Shoe Review

The takeaway:

In conclusion, Brooks has a shoe with a great deal of potential in the PureDrift. The first incarnation has some shortcomings that I was able to remedy with an insole swap, but I think only some minor tweaks would be required to take this shoe to another level in future incarnations. Iā€™d redesign the integrated footbed to remove seams along the margins, soften the sole just a tad, or include a slightly beefier insole (like the current PureCadence 2 insole). With the tweak I made, I foresee this shoe remaining on my active rack for quite awhile!

The rest of the review is here.

Getting Rid of Duplicates in Mac OS X’s Open With…

This article talks about how to get rid of duplicate entries in the "Open With…" contextual menu.

I've had this command in my nightly (user) cron file for many months now:

# Flush Launch Services Cache
LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

Lake Peigneur Sinkhole Disaster

Wow. I hadn't ever heard of this.

Safari Still Craps Out Too Frequently

Seriously, it's 2013. I have 32 GB of RAM. And Safari still craps out all the time and has to reload every page I've loaded with as few as 20 tabs open.

Rarely can you even close tabs to rectify the situation. It seems like once it gets into that state it won't let you get out of it very easily.

Clearing the cache regularly doesn't seem to help.

It's 2013 and we have Mac OS X 10.8 and Safari 6.x. C'mon, people, figure this crap out.

iMovie’s Publish to YouTube Window Fullscreen?

Why would iMovie's modal "Publishing to YouTube" window ever need to go fullscreen?

Publishing to YouTube

Mountain Lion QuickTime Player Audio Skips after Fast Forwarding?

Talk about a bug that shouldn't exist, right?

Fortunately, there's an easy fix: type purge into your Terminal window.

That's it.

Where is My Pebble?

I was in the first 20% of people to support the Pebble Kickstarter campaign. I chose a black and a white Pebble (one is a gift for a friend), and my address has been checked promptly as well.

I've voted, I've chosen colors quickly, etc.

So where in the heck are my Pebbles? Don't give me a goofy site. Tell me when mine ships1.


  1. Perhaps so I can sell it as it doesn't seem to have advanced much in terms of software since it was conceived…

Instagram Feeds Now on the Web

Not sure what took so long, but I'm happy. Privacy is respected as well.

Candle Toppers Work

Sick of having your Yankee Candles burn out in the middle leaving walls of wax along the sides? The overpriced candle toppers (you can find them for about $8 if you look long enough) work wonders:

Candle 1
Candle 2
Candle 3

And I care so little about this I'm not going to resize or rotate. :)


Photographs you have to check out.

The 2013 Sony World Photography Awards - In Focus - The Atlantic

Happy Birthday Rich

Today's my father's birthday.

I haven't talked to him in years. There was an awkward Christmas after the Fourth of July kicking out, and not much after that… You only owe family so much, and can only be told you're no longer considered a son before you realize that things are probably better this way.

But I'm not a fan of putting negativity into the world unnecessarily, and nobody deserves to suffer poor health, so I hope he's doing well, and hope that my mother's doing well too. Happy birthday, Rich.

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