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Archive for March, 2004

My New Boat

I have been wanting a Tarpon 140 for awhile now, and Friday I was finally able to snag one. These boats weren't introduced when I bought my Tarpon 120, but the 140 has a bit more room (obviously) and I was able to get it in a very nice shade of yellow: Yellow will help […]

vCard PHP

Awhile ago I helped Judi with a vCard/PHP problem. Someone requested the source code, so here it is as a web app (the email goes nowhere, so don't send use this) and as source code. The trick is a very simple one: vCards are just plain text with some specialized formatting. I've used this same […]

MacTech Renewal

Today I received a renewal notice for MacTech. I won't be renewing because I don't care about QuickTime development much. I don't care about REALbasic development. I don't care about Carbon development (too much). These topics - especially the first - typically comprise about 80% of the magazine's content. I also got $13.86 from the […]


So, it seems to me that with a level of 3, a great many people have trouble breaking 20,000 points. The Rock Star high scores list really only has three names on it: Jeff Linakis, myself, and "DAE." What gives, people? Are none of you shamed into competing for higher scores? No wonder very few […]