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Archive for March, 2004

One Domain

A while ago I had two domains to get rid of. Now I have only one: Want it? Make an offer. I'm not doing anything with it and I'd gladly find it a home. Offers need not be monetary, though please understand that I have to do some work to give it to you, […]

Design Contest

I'm having a design contest. It'll last until I say it's over. 🙂 (This means it'll last a few days - say until Friday or so?). Yes, that's short notice. The rules are very simple: deliver to me a mockup of a redesign for this site. An 800 x 600 TIFF or PSD would be […]


I'm working on a little project (it doesn't even tie into anything right now - just a goofing around type of thing) involving OPML files. Yes, everyone and their brother has an OPML generator. This is mine (because my sister's brother didn't have one yet). It's currently located here (but sure to move eventually): […]

Rock Star has been named (or will be named) MacAddict's "Shareware of the Month." To celebrate, we've dropped Rock Star's price to $9 (from $14)! We'll probably run this price for awhile, but we're not sure when we'll end the special - perhaps when the May 2004 issue of MacAddict hits store shelves in a […]

QotD: Karma

Question: Do you believe in karma (or "what goes around comes around?" My Answer: I believe more in "people will get what's coming to them." In other words, I believe that evil people eventually screw over enough people that it hurts them when they need it, and nice people catch a break every now and […]

SIF Files

Does the Mac community really make use of SIF files? Should I bother to create a SIF file for each of FSS' products? Does anyone other than "REALQualityMac" use them? It'd be nifty if VersionTracker and/or MacUpdate did, I suppose… but they don't.


Question: Do you have HBO? My Answer: Yeah, but it's the only "premium" station I get. The Sopranos and a few other shows are worth watching… though I haven't cared much for the first two episodes this season. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on […]

QotD: Products

Question: Have you ever sold anything you've created? My Answer: In talking with a few friends today, I was surprised at how many of them have never created something and sold it. I've been selling things my whole life - my services, my goods, my body. The last one isn't a joke - you just […]

PHP Project

I'm looking for someone to create a site for me in PHP/MySQL. Yes, this is exactly my area of expertise (well, skill anyway), but I've just not got the time. I'll pay $1000 (far too little, this much I know) to some aspiring (bored) college student if they'd like to list what I hope will […]

QotD: Bees

Question: Which of the following three choices do you like most? Which do you like second? A) B) C) See my previous post as to why I'm asking… My Answer: I don't know yet. That's partly why I'm asking! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or […]

Bee Sticker

I've named my new kayak "Killer Bee" (it's black and yellow, after all) and now I'm looking for a sticker of an angry looking bee. Does anyone know where I might find such a decal? I found one by a guy on eBay but it's 40", has the word "skidoo" on it, and is for […]

QotD: Bathrobe

Question: Do you have and use a bathrobe? When? My Answer: I have one. It's a free terrycloth one I got from about four years ago. I use it occasionally - when I feel like being slightly more pampered than putting on regular clothes (but not so pampered I might walk around nekkid). It's […]

Please pardon what may be a fairly lengthy note. Since last July I've been paddling around in a dark green Tarpon 120. My first few trips included fishing my local "pond" (I grew up on Lake Erie, so "Lake Ida" is not much of a lake to me). I paddled around my apartment complex pond. […]

Tired Math

My brain has unusual thought patterns when I'm tired. Today, for example, after I got my speeding ticket I remembered that 0-15 MPH over the speeding limit gets you 3 points, but 15-30 (I think) gets you 4. 15, you'll note, is included twice, but it'd be rather inaccurate to say "16-30" because then if […]

Mud Creek, Take Two

So, I went back to Mud Creek today. Caught nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Saw a redfish or two but couldn't cast to 'em. Paddled about three miles straight into a wind that was strong enough to troll simply by drifting. Yeah, fun stuff. 🙁 I'm going out tomorrow morning near Southern Boulevard in with Mike […]