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Archive for May, 2004

Geek Patrol has finished its review of Rock Star. The verdict? 9/10. I'd like to say we couldn't be happier, but we did only get a 9! 🙂

What Do You Say When…

Too good not to keep for posterity, this one: me: i removed the accounts of anyone i deemed unfit to continue beta testing me: if you'd like to file a complaint, you may do so with our board of advisors me: which includes and is chaired by me, the only member. betatester: and how do […]

QotD: Euthanasia

Question: Should euthanasia be legal? My Answer: As I watched men beat themselves senseless in an "ultimate fighting" tournament last night, I reaffirmed my belief that euthanasia should be legal. If it's legal to sign a waiver and let yourself get beaten, then it should be legal to end a suffering that will simply end […]


Question: What percentage of the people you "talk" to in a day are "electronic"? In other words, how many people with which you regularly correspond one-on-one (email, IM) have you ever met "IRL"? My Answer: As I look at the list of "buddies" online right now, I've met just over 70% of them. My guess […]