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Archive for May, 2004

MT3 and Users

I thought MovableType 3 would let me ban users and mark some users as "approved." This only seems to work for TypeKey users. Even my comments - posted using the same username, email address, and URL each time - are up for moderation each and every time* I have a user "lipitor" posting several spammy […]

QotD: Blog Posting

Question: How do you blog? My Answer: I blog by logging in and editing articles right here. Occasionally, for longer entries, I'll edit in BBEdit, but 99% of the time I do it all via my browser. I know a lot of people use ecto, so PulpFiction will work with ecto by version 1.0.2 (our […]

When Licenses Go Bad

Matthew Thomas presents an interesting reason not to use Gmail: From the Intellectual Property Rights section: "…you agree that you will not copy, reproduce, alter, modify, or create derivative works from the Service. You also agree that you will not use any robot, spider, other automated device, or manual process to monitor or copy any […]

QotD: Guns, Part II

Question: Do you own a gun? My Answer: You bet your booty. 🙂* * In other words, people who know me or even read this blog know this already. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Said a Microsoft employee very recently regarding the Cringely article that has caused a small stir in the Mac community (re: the new iPod division and the possible, eventual demise of "the Mac"): Maybe they'll sell an x86 version of Mac OS for a few years. Then, Microsoft will fall way behind on Longhorn and […]

Bowling for Confusion

I watched Bowling for Columbine last night. I really have no idea what Michael Moore's point was: it seems to have been the most directionless documentary ever produced. I started off thinking "guns are bad" yet he goes to Canada, shows that they have a ton of guns and don't kill each other like we […]

QotD: Guns

Question: Who do you blame: guns or people? My Answer: People. Duh. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

A few people have written in and told us that PulpFiction sometimes quits on them without leaving the little crash log window with the "Submit to Apple" button (it'd be nice if developers could rewire that to send the crash log to them). In other words, the app goes poof, disappears from the screen, and […]

QotD: 10.4

Question: When will Mac OS X 10.4 be available? My Answer: I'm going to guess March, 2005. And you know what? That's fine and dandy by me. I wasn't annoyed at all by the rapid upgrades, because we needed to get to 10.3 quickly, but now that we're here, let's enjoy the scenery, get settled […]

C++ vs. Obj-C

Alexei enters the argument between C++ and Objective-C. Alexei puts himself firmly in the C++ camp, of all reasons, because of templates. As pal and FSS partner Andy said to me just now, templates are a work-around for a problem that doesn't exist in Objective-C." Templates rarely work well: a function that can take a […]

gMail Account

So, gMail accounts are still widely coveted? I have one to give away. Who wants it? For what? Seriously, for what? Email me at it: erikjb is the username. You can figure out the rest. I expect this to go over really well. 😛

Entourage 2004 Font Fuzzies

From a link provided in the previous entry, I downloaded the "MPW" font and set Entourage to use it with my plain-text emails instead of ProFont, which was suddenly using ligatures, curly quotes/apostrophes, etc. Here's what I found: If you look closely, the line appears to get fuzzy about 2/3 of the way across. I […]

QotD: Best Friend

Question: Do you have a "best friend"? My Answer: Ignoring the obvious nature that one person is probably always the "best" friend on some scale or another, and going with the old-school meaning, I'd have to say that I don't. Instead, I employ a distributed best friend, sharing different parts of my life with Kati, […]

Beta Testing

Primarily for myself, here are some rules our recent beta test taught me, in no particular order (but numbered for my own sanity): Don't do open betas. People just like to use free software, and most of the reported bugs are worthless. "It crashed when I clicked on the toolbar." Carefully select beta testers, and […]

Entourage 2004

I'm giving Entourage 2004 a whirl today. In other words, I've received my copy and upgraded my v.X database to a 2004 database. My thoughts, as brief or as long as they turn out… I won't be using the three-pane view: I like to see full-width emails, and I like to see all of my […]