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Archive for May, 2004

QotD: Sleep

Question: How do you sleep? My Answer: I used to be a tosser/turner. My Tempurpedic has helped that quite a bit. Now I lay primarily on my side/stomach. I usually put the pillows at 90 degrees and wrap my arms around one of 'em. Occasionally I substitute a woman for the pillow. Occasionally. 😉 You […]

Security @ Apple . Com

John Gruber, in Security Cannot be Spun, poignantly takes Apple to task for trying to milk PR from recent security updates. The help:runscript vulnerability is the leadoff batter, and Gruber points out that Apple didn't seem to act on the issue until it was made public - having failed to do so when the vulnerability […]

Mac OS X URI Handlers

Suppose someone harboring a grudge over the fact that .Mac now cost $99 instead of being free created a cool shareware game. This game was cool enough that Apple brokered a deal to give away a free copy to .Mac subscribers. People download the special, pre-registered copy of the game en masse. A few weeks […]


Brad, one of FSS's gifted developers I'm happy to call a team member, has been banned from accessing Slashdot. Brad is working on PulpFiction and Slashdot is one of our default feeds. Andy, another FSS team member, was banned late last year for three or four days. Why was Brad banned? Did he post bad […]

QotD: Sopranos

Question: What do you think of the Sopranos so far this year? My Answer: I thought the hour-long dream sequence two weeks ago was a filler - something I'm not sure I see much need for in a 13-episdode season. It took a few episodes to get into the swing of things, but last week's […]

QotD: Hockey

Question: Do you care about hockey? Are you watching the Stanley Cup finals? My Answer: Yes, yes. Game two was one of the best I've seen, and game three was a great contest. The NHL often has the best playoffs of any of the major sports, yet gets the least respect by far. You are […]

.500 Ball

As I write this, the Pittsburgh Pirates have taken a doubleheader from Chicago to "leap" to 22-22. That's dead last in the NL Central, but it's a better record than thirteen other teams in both leagues and good enough to separate the Pirates from first by only 4 games. It could be an interesting year. […]


It's a shame when reasonably good people are afraid of heartbreak. I'm not its biggest fan, but I'd rather have my heart broken than go through life without knowing the highs and lows of love on a semi-regular basis. Sometimes simply feeling is a good thing. It doesn't matter if what you're feeling is good […]


Localization: something that's both incredibly easy and incredibly frustrating. Incredibly easy: wrap all UI-bound strings in NSLocalizedString(), provide a .strings file, and localize your NIBs Incredibly frustrating: coordinating all of the incredibly easy steps above I've yet to find a good software package to help with the localization project. Sure, there's Polyglot and PowerGlot. We've […]

Grrrrrrr: Entourage 2004

How many ways can Entourage 2004 find to annoy me? Grrrrrr. In other words: how the fuck am I supposed to control the order of the items in the menu if renaming them doesn't solve it?

I Bought MovableType 3.0

I bought MovableType today. I wasn't going to - not until 3.0 (minus the "D") at the very least - because the only blog I run is this one. One author, one blog, non-commercial. I purchased the software because, in the end, it cost me $12.48. I'd previously contributed $50, which got me two "recently […]

GUID Grief, Charlie Brown!

A blogger who may identify himself in the comments if he wishes wrote to me concerning behavior he'd observed in PulpFiction. This gentleman is going to be adding a "summary" feed alongside his "full article" feed and was concerned with PulpFiction's handling of these two feeds. He subscribed to his (currently secret) summary feed and […]

Howdy folks: quick note here. I'm going to delete my index.rdf and index.xml files. These are version 0.92 and 1.0 feeds. Instead, use these feeds: feed:// feed:// feed:// I've posted this single entry to the now-restored index.rdf and index.xml files. I will be deleting them in the near future once again.

Software Versus Reality

It's a good thing Apple is around to remind us of the differences between the physical and the virtual worlds in which we work, play, and live (Frameset link): For example, the number of items a user puts in the Trash is not limited to the number of items a physical wastebasket could hold. How […]

QotD: Response Time

Question: When you email for tech support from a software company (such as FSS, MacRabbit, etc.), how long do you expect to wait for a reply (auto-replies do not count)? My Answer: I expect to wait about 8 hours, but I do not begin to get upset for at least 48. I recently wrote an […]