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Archive for May, 2004

Leaving Las Vegas

Ten minutes after watching what I only today found out was the series finale of Las Vegas, this song comes up: Erik is listening to "Leaving Las Vegas" by Sheryl Crow from the album "Tuesday Night Music Club" (1993). Erik has rated this song 4.0 stars and last played this song Wednesday, February 11, 2004 […]

QotD: Bad Job

Question: If you could make $10,000/month working for a company that sent spam (as their primary role), would you? My Answer: I'm not sure. For $4,000/month, no. $10,000/month is a lot of money… I think I'd accept after considering it for about 24 hours. Especially if my role wasn't directly related (i.e. IT support for […]

We've kicked around ideas and even begun some initial coding for FTPeel 2.0. I won't say what they are because I'm curious what features you'd like to see. There are, of course, no guarantees that listing something here means it'll be included in FTPeel 2.0, but it will be considered.

BBEdit Needs Auto-Complete

BBEdit needs auto-complete. You know how many times in a day I type <a href="/products/pulpfiction/resources/"? Too many. Especially when I'm editing a list and the only difference in each item is what follows that last "/" and the thing in title="". If BBEdit 7.5 had nothing more than a solid auto-complete implementation, I'd buy it.

QotD: Mail

Question: Are you running a local mail server? My Answer: No. I tried turning it on, and then I created a new account in Entourage, but it never connects and instead gives me errors. I'll look into it more when I'm not as tired as I am right now. "mail" on the CLI gives me […]

iPhoto to Keynote

In addition to starting his own blog, my pal Josh has also released his iPhoto to Keynote iPhoto plugin for all of $10. I've used it a few times already and it works very smoothly. I do wonder where Keynote 2.0 is… but then again, I'm anxious little consumer who buys Apple software regardless of […]

Ice Cream Separators

I went to get the last bowl's worth of ice cream out of a carton today (one of those round Edy's cartons) and the idea struck me: ice cream should be separated like a roll of Life Savers. Thin pieces of paper or something could separate sections of ice cream, and in fact the entire […]

QotD: Virtual Desktops

Question: Do you have (use) virtual desktops? My Answer: No. Though I feel I sometimes waste a little more space on my 23" display, I usually just hide apps I don't care about and get them back with LaunchBar, the dock, or cmd-tab. Plus, with Exposé (which I rarely, rarely, rarely use), clutter is more […]


Hype is a funny thing. I've been reading the blog(s) of the authors of Freshly Squeezed and from the amount of hype they've been generating you'd think this software was the second coming. We did? I posted some screenshots. I posted a little PulpFiction Lite tease (a product that is the direct result of the […]


Everyone has moments of immaturity. Moments that are not their shining best. Readers of this blog know that I'm an opinionated, strong-willed guy who will stick to his guns. But readers also know me as someone who will plainly admit when he's wrong, who will blog the "less than sunny" moments in my life (as […]

Today, I'm happy to announce that PulpFiction 1.0 is now available. The surprise? So is PulpFiction Lite, the freeweare sibling! PulpFiction is available now for introductory pricing of $19. This special pricing lasts through May 21st, at which time the price will move to the standard price of $25. PulpFiction is available as a 15-day […]

iTunes Zoom Behavior

Option-click the green zoom button in iTunes. Interesting.

QotD: Sleeping In

Question: Do you put your computer to sleep every night? My Answer: I power off the screen (via Energy Saver), but the machine is on all night because I'm connected to AIM, because cron jobs run at 3am, and so on. I almost never sleep the machine - occasionally I will mid-day if my Internet […]

Default Feeds

Here are the default feeds, folks. Of course, these will change in the next version, but I thought I'd let ya know. We'll be releasing PulpFiction in a few hours… We stuck with 15 feeds because that's around 225 articles. That's enough to encourage people to set up some filters without inundating them with too […]

What's this you ask? Why, it's a surprise!! 😀 (and no, the filename won't give you any hints: pfs stands for PulpFiction Surprise, of all things). P.S. The surprise is that PulpFiction is not shipping until June 15. Just kidding. 😉