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Archive for February, 2005

QotD: Wine

Question: What is your favorite kind of wine? Not a brand, but a kind, and hopefully a bit more specific than "red" or "white"? My Answer: I'm asking the question because I'm looking for some suggestions. If I knew already, I'd be a wine snob and keep the secret to myself! 😀 You are encouraged […]

Feeder: Create RSS

I maintain a hand-written RSS feed at Freshly Squeezed Software. Now, it seems I may not have to. An application called Feeder will write RSS for you. I'll have to check it out later…

IDN Spoofing

I don't understand how IDN Spoofing works. I see that the link text goes to http://www.paypа, but why that resolves so unusually is beyond me. Safari properly renders the а as "a" in the link, but also does so in the URL. Why is Safari so lax when it comes to standard domain names, and […]

QotD: Google Subscription

Question: With all that Google has, including their new Maps, Gmail, and the pre-existing stuff, how much would you be willing to pay if everything but the basic search features became a subscription service? My Answer: I'd pay $20/year. And that's stretching it… I'm not sure I'm going to need Maps, and I rarely use […]

If anyone (particularly the people I actually know) is interested in golfing in the Pinehurst area this February 25-27 for an incredible price, IM or email me immediately. Obviously, I'm going. I can't pass this up - it's a tremendous deal! I haven't taken a vacation since graduating from college, and though this is only […]

My favorite movie is, according to Amazon, going to be available on DVD a day before my birthday this year! Woo hoo! To say I ordered it quickly is an understatement. I once, at 17, signed up for a Blockbuster video card because they were the only place that had the movie on VHS. I […]

QotD: Last Book

Question: What's the last book you read? My Answer: Newton on the Tee: The Physics of Golf. It wasn't nearly as good as I'd hoped - almost no equations and not horribly scientific. Apparently there's a better book out there for that, and it's called "The Physics of Golf." After all, I prefer to know […]

Another Pages Annoyance: Backups

If your main Document is called "Yentel Proposal," Pages should name the backup document "Yentel Proposal Backup," not "Backup of Yentel Proposal." It's far more difficult than need to to find the corresponding backup document.

QotD: Stretch

Question: Do you stretch every day? My Answer: Yes. It's part of a fitness routine I'm doing for golf, based on the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Pages “Missing Font” Error

Thank you, Pages, for telling me that "NewBaskerville" is missing from my document, even though it's specified in some style or another. No thank you for providing me absolutely no way of knowing what style contains NewBaskerville. Grrrr… P.S. The XML doesn't even have line breaks, making tracking down the style with the missing font […]

QotD: Watching the Super Bowl

Question: Did you/will you watch the Super Bowl? My Answer: Nah. Got stuff to do. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

We use a few defaults in PulpFiction to control the badge, and though you can't ever change them in the UI, they're quite accessible to those who what they're doing. The keys are FSSDockBadgeColor, FSSDockBadgeTextColor, and FSSDockBadgePosition. Here are some pertinent code snippets. You should be able to figure out what you need to do […]

QotD: Calendars

Question: Do you have (and use) a paper calendar of any kind (organizer, wall calendar, picture calandar, "Babe a Day" calendar)? My Answer: I have two golf ones and a Weimaraner one. To say I "use" them is a bit of a stretch, but I own them and I look at them now and then. […]


Question: What's your average credit card APR? My Answer: I have only one, and in about a week or two it will have a $0 balance. Its APR is 17.9%. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Opening Day a National Holiday?

These people wish it to be so. We the undersigned believe there should be a national holiday called Opening Day to take place the first Monday of April, coinciding with the start of the baseball season.