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Archive for February, 2005

QotD: Collection

Question: If you could have the world's largest collection of any one thing, what would you collect? What would you collect if you could never sell what you had? My Answer: Diamonds - why? C'mon… think about it. If I couldn't sell? Golf clubs. As in collectible, ancient golf clubs from the 1700s and such. […]

Address Book Printing Bug

I printed something from Address Book just now and noticed something peculiar. The button called "Advanced Settings" appears on the Advanced Settings and takes you to the Standard Settings. The Standard Settings display has a button called "Standard Settings" that takes you to the Advanced Settings. Silly developers. Bug filed.

QotD: iPhoto Library

Question: How many images do you have in your iPhoto library? My Answer: 1229. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

vBulletin is a Pain in the Ass

Today: adding 4 moderators to about 15 forums. Ideally this could be done in one step. At most, 4. At worst, 15. Instead, it takes 60. Yes - you have to manually add each moderator to each forum. What an absolute pain in the ass. vBulletin has a "moderators" and a "super moderators" group by […]

Flint in the Snow

My dad still uses a $300 camera I gave him and my mother a few years ago, but it takes decent shots. Snow proves difficult (as it does, from what little I understand, for all cameras). I've been looking around for an online digital photography class (one worth taking, and thus, one that probably costs […]

QotD: Helpful

Question: Was this information helpful? My Answer: No. Amusing, yes. Helpful, no. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Alphabet

Question: What do you think of Khoi's idea? My Answer: I like it. I've definitely scrolled way past the intended song or album. I also find it annoying that when I look at one artist's songs, they're not alphabetized, but are listed by album. R.E.M. has a few hundred songs - I'd like to find […]

Memorial Tournament

I just bough tickets to the Memorial Tournament, which takes place in Columbus, OH from May 30-June 5 (actual tournament play is June 2-5). The Memorial Tournament is hosted at Muirfield Village Golf Club and always courts a strong field. Ernie Els will defend his Title, and Fred Couples and Tiger Woods rounded out the […]

Canon Digital Rebel XT/350D

Waiting awhile before purchasing a digital camera was a very smart thing to do. Bummer for my Nikon pal who told me to do it, because it's Canon that's leapt to the forefront. I'm geeking out today.

Got my Shuffle Today

I got my iPod shuffle today. In the first hour with it: Thanks, José, for setting the volume to the loudest setting. I shall get you yet! 😀 It's small, it's light. Duh. I wish the slider on the back had a little notch for extra traction. USB 2.0 is so slow I double-checked to […]

Winter in Erie

Okay, I don't normally blog about the weather, but yesterday it was 55 and almost all the snow in Erie had melted, save for a few previously huge piles in parking lots. I walked around in a short-sleeved shirt. Today, as of 10:30am, my car has four inches of snow on it and it's still […]

Need a New Printer

My Canon S900 has, increasingly so over the past few months, printed like shit. I've cleaned the print heads and yet it simply refuses to dispense ink or thread paper properly. You can't even read 14-point text as whole letters and streaks of lines are missing. I almost never, ever print color. Is it time […]

QotD: Commute

Question: How long is your daily commute (in miles and minutes)? My Answer: Miles = 0.0028 (15/5280), Minutes = 0.05 (3/60). 😀 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

I've decided to wait a month or two before I make any decisions about the 20D or the D70. PMA 2005 kicks off next week, and I know enough about trade shows to wait for price drops, new product announcements, etc. I went to a local camera store today, and the gentleman who assisted me […]


One goshdarn Coke today at 3pm and I'm still up. At least I didn't get a headache this time. I gave up Coke a while ago, and I don't miss it. Every time I had it after quitting cold turkey for a few months, I'd get massive headaches. I used to be able to drink […]