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Archive for February, 2005

Apple Store Celebs

This article in Wired reminded me of the many celebrities I met while working in a few Apple stores in south Florida. Shaquille O'Neal wandered around the mall quite a few times. Of course, he's now a member of the Miami Heat, but he was still a Laker for many of his jaunts around the […]

Sand Trap Logo Design Contest

The Sand needs a logo. I'm considering having a design contest - they've worked out well in the past. Ideally, whomever creates a logo would also be able to send it in Illustrator, so that I can quickly make a business card and run to Kinko's to get some cards printed. So, here's the […]

Though eventual Bloglines integration is planned for PulpFiction, those wishing to get a head start on the whole thing should check out Bloglines in PulpFiction Newsreader. An XSL file marries PulpFiction to bloglines, and full instructions are included. Check it out!

QotD: Contrived Holidays

Question: Is there any more contrived a holiday than Valentine's Day? My Answer: Christmas is close, only because it's been so bastardized into the savior of all retailers and the bane of all who prefer to give meaningful gifts throughout the year, but I'd have to say that VD takes the cake (or the chalky, […]

My Next Ecto Wish

My next wish for ecto: the ability to print nicely! As I continue to work on a group blog at The Sand Trap .com, my needs for printing the preview window (which I've customized to look just like the site) increase daily. Sending raw HTML to people is a bit rough. I've resorted to taking […]

1 GB Shuffle on its Way

My 1 GB iPod shuffle is on its way. Someone owed me a few bucks, so instead of asking for the money, I asked for an iPod shuffle. And kicked in an extra $40 to get the 1 GB model. Should come in handy when I go to the golf dome and hit balls during […]

Gun Control

I rarely laugh audibly (at blog entries) these days, but the retelling of a classic joke earned a chuckle from me today: A man armed with an assault rifle went into a Best Buy store in Kingston, New York, today and opened fire, according to the AP. He wounded one person before running out of […]

QotD: Vacation

Question: Where did you take your last vacation? My Answer: Hawaii, about six years ago. But I'll be heading down to North Carolina in less than two weeks for a whopping three-day (golf) vacation, and I'm psyched! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your […]

RIP Microsoft

ABC News has an article called "R.I.P. Microsoft": Great, healthy companies not only dominate the market, but share of mind. Look at Apple these days. But when was the last time you thought about Microsoft, except in frustration or anger? The company just announced a powerful new search engine, designed to take on Google -- […]

QotD: Fire a Gun

Question: Have you ever fired a gun? In as brief a statement as possible, also explain "why" or "why not." My Answer: Yes. My dad taught me, and it's a skill and an activity I enjoy. Brief statements like "I just don't want to," "I never had a real chance," and "My family hunts" are […]

I'll be brief and expose the details to those who are potential candidates. I have a standing offer to write a book covering Cocoa software development, and am seeking a co-author. The former co-author was/is, well, quite bad to be as gentle as possible, and so I am looking for a replacement. Incredible command of […]

Canon EOS 20D

Anyone know how I can get a Canon EOS 20D inexpensively? What accessories/package would you recommend? I'd like to keep the total cost at around $1.5k. B∧H seems to have the best price - about $1.4k - for the body and the 18-55mm lens. At this point, this is merely an exercise in… I dunno. […]

QotD: Test

Question: Test My Answer: OK. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

The Sand Trap, a site powered by MovableType, looks somewhat like a blog. It also looks like a very golf-centric news site. We have a former writer for Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf World, Golf Week, and Golf for Women on our staff. Another gentleman named Kiran and I have kicked out some good, in-depth […]

10.3.8 Revs my Fans

Brad mentioned to me that his later-model G5 (I have the dual 2.0 GHz, he has the next model afterwards) continues to have fan revving problems, and that he was going to get 10.3.8 immediately because he heard it helped to solve the problems. I have 10.3.8, and my G5 has never revved up the […]