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Archive for July, 2006

Congdon vs. ZeFrank

I, like this guy, will take "theshow" over "Rocketboom" any day. I think I only watched about four or five Rocketbooms… Good luck to Amanda. I didn't think she was that talented.

Steelers vs. Indy Replay

I watched my Super Bowl XL/Steelers 2005 DVD tonight. When the playoff game at Indy came on, I felt uneasy until the Denver game came on. Some small part of me still wondered if Ben would make the tackle or if I'd been somehow living in a dream (and no, the fact that I was […]

Independence Irony

As I drove past some dude getting arrested today on the side of the road (handcuffs and everything - no mere speeding ticket), I wondered whether the irony of being arrested on "Independence Day" would make the guy smile. P.S. I'm fully aware that "irony" isn't the best word here, but it's close and starts […]

Question: Who will win the World Cup now that the semifinals are here? My Answer: I'd like France to win (I was rooting for them when they won back in 1998), and I always pick the French team on FIFA for the PS2/GameCube, but I think Italy's defense will win out in the end. Germany […]

King for a Week

Woohoo! I am king for a week once again. Carey and the Little One are going to Ohio today through Friday. To celebrate, I went to the grocery store and bought candy (for my TV/movie viewing), lots of beef (mmmm, grilled burgers every day), and ice cream (late night TV/movie viewing).

QotD: Summer Plans

Question: What are your summer plans? My Answer: To golf a lot. Carey wants to go on a camping trip at some point, too, though I'm not sure how that will fit in very easily unless she wants to put up with some holiday crowds. My father-in-law is going to Europe with my mother-in-law's mother […]