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Archive for July, 2006

MovableType’s Search Sucks

Today I wanted to find an article on The Sand Trap written in July, 2005 about the British Open. Tiger Woods won it, so I searched for "Tiger Woods British Open St. Andrews." Oh goody, only eight pages of results. Eight pages of results. Why the hell doesn't MovableType let me search only one category? […]

Since upgrading to MovableType 3.31, I keep getting this error in my log: Junk Filter Akismet died with: unknown column: entry_id for class MT::TBPing at lib/MT/ line 283 MT::Object::AUTOLOAD('MT::TBPing=HASH(0x8b53520)') called at /path/to/mt/installation/plugins/akismet/ line 86 MT::Plugin::A (IP: Junk TrackBacks are still marked as junk and comments work normally, but every time I get a TrackBack […]


I'm testing MT-Notifier as a way to "subscribe" to comments here at NSLog(); for possible future use at The Sand Trap. A checkbox should appear that offers you the option to "subscribe to comments" (or some such language). You should then get a confirmation email (it's double opt-in) and, if you accept, should receive email […]

I'm not even sure where to start. This site, NSLog();, was updated to MovableType 3.3 on Friday. I just noticed this morning that I couldn't comment as a TypeKey-logged-in user, and later, that the TypeKey (sign in or sign out) message wasn't even appearing. A few hours later, I've copied the mt-site.js template from The […]

Nifty Corners Cube

Want nifty rounded corners without creating images? "Nifty Corners Cube" does it with a little JavaScript/CSS library. It's pretty versatile, too. If you want reflections, this will do the trick.

I'm holding off on installing MovableType 3.3 because some plugins I rely on don't work with 3.3 yet. They still rely on "BigPAPI" and have not yet been modified to work with MovableType's now built-in support for API modifications. I'm not sure this blog even uses BigPAPI (though it's installed), so I'm going to try […]


I got a long overdue haircut today. Apparently, 1" is a good length for my hair, and I finally managed to convince the guy to cut it short enough. Finally. Yes, I have a big forehead, but these magical things called "hats" tend to cover that up.

94 Degrees is Hot

They're calling for 90+-degree weather next week. I think I'll stay inside. But if I do venture out, perhaps I'll wear shorts when I play golf instead of pants?

Eye Pulse

Sometimes, I feel a pulse in my eye. It's annoying (and usually my left eye). If I rub it or push on my eye (gently, lid closed), the "pulse" feeling will go away for awhile, but it usually returns. I get this "pulse" feeling every five or six months, and usually only for a day […]

Corn Hole Games for Sale

Here's an image I took on my cell phone in Ohio. If you can't quite make out the sign, it says: "Corn Hole Games 4 Sale". You can click the image for a larger version.

Judi mentions the quiet nature of MovableType 3.3's beta, and I can attest to the fact that I haven't tested it simply because I needed many of the plugins and things that the 3.3 betas made inoperable (like BigPAPI, Akismet, and others). I haven't even checked to see if they work yet. I'll do that […]

Email Spam Stats

Filtered Mail 77366 Good Messages 195659 Spam Messages (72%) 286 Spam Messages Per Day SpamSieve Accuracy 243 False Positives 2230 False Negatives (90%) 99.1% Correct Corpus 2439 Good Messages 3939 Spam Messages (62%) 226901 Total Words Rules 13 Blocklist Rules 5 Whitelist Rules Showing Statistics Since 8/24/04 8:00 pm

Carey’s Back!

My wife returned from Ohio yesterday. Of the 36-hour "niceness" period, I have only about 12 remaining, and approximately eight of those will be spent sleeping.

A good pal of mine and a great developer with a level head and a keen sense of the Mac market is looking to buy Freshly Squeezed Software from its new owner. The new owner - who has done nothing but sell the software without doing an ounce of support or software authoring apparently wants […]

QotD: Power Move

Question: What's your Power Move? Do you have any idea what one is? My Answer: The only Power Moves I've been able to think of involve getting more distance from your golf swing. 🙂 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.