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Archive for July, 2006

Spotted today while driving on I-90 near Erie, PA:

QotD: Heat Wave

Question: How hot is your upcoming week going to be? My Answer: Weather predictions here in Erie, PA say this for Mon-Wed: 90°, 95°, 96°. YOW! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Brad, formerly of Freshly Squeezed Software (I now even refuse to link to the site) and I have been working for awhile on a golf statistics application called Scorecard. It's set to release very soon. We're looking for a Windows developer to port the 1.0 version (and subsequent updates) to Windows. Ideally, such a developer […]

Carey and I just got a letter from Time Warner Cable saying that they'd bought Adelphia in my area. I don't know what this means for me, but when I type my zip code (16506) into, a site they told me to visit in the letter, the resulting page says "Ohio" and resides at […]

QotD: U-Turns

Question: Why are "No U-Turn" signs most often found in the places where people are most likely to want to u-turn? My Answer: Hell if I know. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Giant Penis Signs

"If you let half a torso balance on your giant penis, be sure to point exactly where you want them to cut it off with their cleaver." If nothing else, Ze Frank sure has me looking at commonplace signs in a whole new way. And I don't mean those "Slow children playing" signs, either - […]

For a week or so, I've had MT-Notifier running under MovableType 3.31 here at NSLog();. I just installed it a few days ago at The Sand Trap (TST), but have run into what amounts to a big, big problem: it doesn't care what the status of the comment is. In other words, TST gets over […]

Gravite for OS X

It's been, what, six years and we still don't have a version of Gravité for Mac OS X? And yeah, I just wrote about it last October, but for some reason it just popped into my head again.


BurnAgain lets you burn multiple CD-R sessions on one volume, unlike the Finder. At $25, I'll hold off on purchasing it until I need it… I don't find myself burning many CDs that need multiple sessions anymore.

I wrote about problems I was experiencing with Akismet (version 1.02) nearly one week ago. I've submitted two bug reports via Akismet's "contact us" form. I haven't heard back from Akismet, nor has an update been released. I am not alone in suffering the problems Akismet's 1.02 plugin has with MovableType. Has anyone seen a […]

Poof Again!

I like to write something every day, but today's post: poof! Gone permanently.

Trashing Apps

I spent a few minutes today trashing some apps I no longer needed, used, or cared to have mucking up my system (like TextMate claiming ownership of some files in Transmit and launching unexpectedly). The complete list is in the full entry.

AppleScript, Unicode, and ecto

I've spent a few minutes writing an AppleScript for ecto that I could use tomorrow to ease my live blogging of the final round of the British Open. I get the time, put it in bold, and then prompt myself for text. I cut off everything but the first three paragraphs and move them down […]

Wiki Software

I'm interested in setting up a wiki. What wiki package or software is the best? I don't need much - something simple but attractive. I just want to collaborate with a few people on some shared documents (access controls are a must, thus).

The software package Brad and I (98/2) have been working on will be available next week. Yippeee!