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Archive for October, 2006

Protected: Testing a Password-Protected Post

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I'm considering switching hosting companies. Interland's pricing - I have two VPS Root accounts - pales in comparison to, say, mediatemple's (dv) (("Dedicated Virtual")) hosting plans. I know Judi is happy with mediatemple (I feel odd not capitalizing the "m" and the "t"), and their (dv) plans (see above. I'm looking to move for a […]

The Danger of 404s with WordPress

Since converting this blog to WordPress about a week ago, I've had problems with the site. Since the MT->WP upgrade took place shortly ((mere minutes)) after upgrading the server's software components (PHP, Perl, MySQL, Apache, etc.), I thought perhaps something had gone wrong in the process. The problems? MySQL would spike to 25% or higher. […]


Jesper's ThisService will take any OSA-style script as well as shell scripts which handle STDIN and STDOUT and turn it into a service. You can even configure a keyboard shortcut. I recently (yesterday) re-did my services menu with Service Scrubber, which freed up enough space to add a few nifty little one-trick ponies via ThisService.

Scorecard, a golf statistics application for Mac OS X, has reached version 1.1. First released in August, Scorecard is the first shipping application from the successor to Freshly Squeezed Software. That company - owned by long-time FSS member Brad Miller - is Cynical Peak, and Brad and I share a company blog as well. Scorecard […]

Disco App: Get Down Tonight

The disc-burning application Disco has been in the news quite a bit lately. Though I've been dealing with this blog's conversion to WordPress, I did have time this weekend to burn a few discs. Disco is, if nothing else, already a success in terms of marketing. The team's cleverly crafted blog and tremendous attention to […]

WordPress is Plugin Crazy

Currently I have a lot of WordPress plugins enabled. WordPress seemingly needs a lot more than MovableType to provide functionality MT provides out of the box (or via configurable settings that are somewhat well documented). The plugins are… Troubles owner Tom Werner says in "Gravatar 2.0 Update" that he hopes to have the site back up and "running as early as the beginning of next week." He said that over two weeks ago, and the site is still not up. I've turned on Gravatar support here at NSLog();, and will check the site […]

For months now, across a G5 and a Mac Pro, I've had problems with my dock failing to respond to the keyboard shortcut cmd-opt-D to toggle the "Auto-Hide" feature. I'd press the keys. The dock (which I almost always leave visible) would start to duck down (it's at the bottom of my screen). Then it […]

WordPress Likes and Dislikes

As you likely know, I've recently converted from MovableType (MT) to WordPress (WP) here at NSLog(); primarily as a "test run" for eventual movement of The Sand Trap. The move was not without its difficulties, and even as I write this entry days later, I've still not truly completed it. Having used MT for so […]

Gravatars Waiting to Be Enabled

I'm going to enable Gravatars as soon as you can sign up again. I'm not sure what maintenance they're doing, but it appears to have been going on for quite some tim.

Several WP Plugins Enabled

I've enabled (or am in the process of enabling) a bunch of WordPress plugins ((like this footnotes plugin)), as suggested by the many kind folks in the comments to my query entry. I will be using this entry (and the comments section) to try a few out, so if things are wonky for a few […]

WP-Cache purports to support the ability to publish certain things dynamically (like my rotating header images), yet this functionality seems broken in version 2.0.17. From the WP-Cache site: <!--mclude file.php--> <?php include_once(ABSPATH . 'file.php'); ?> <!--/mclude-->


My friend Aaron pointed "FBOBunnies" out to me with one simple comment: Apple has some weird sample applications. Indeed, they do. But this one niftily shows off the OpenGL framebuffer objects (FBO). The frame rate drops substantially when you hit the space bar to capture a screenshot of the window, though, so there's still room […]

Today, as I complete my move away from the wretched and steaming pile of doggy doo that is a MovableType installation with more than 20 entries or 50 comments to WordPress (which has plenty of quirks of its own), I notice this: Vox is now available. Hooray for SixApart, Ben, and Mena (seen at right […]